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Diane Jones

Chittenango, NY         

Diane Jones loves writing for and collaborating with performers.  With commissions and performances by Mélomanie, The Relâche Ensemble, The Da Capo Chamber Players, and Flautet, Diane’s music reflects her rich, eclectic influences and her love of line and rhythm.  Her music has been included on two SAMMY-award winning CDs, Native Orange in 2011, and Pathways in 2015.  Her piano trio, “Three Songs,” was part of the 2015 CD Moto Continuo by Trio Casals, on the Navona label, and her trombone concerto, “Dreamcatcher,” was released July 2017.

Diane is the mid-day host on WCNY-FM, Central New York’s Classical music station, and hosts the weekly syndicated program, Feminine Fusion.  She also acts as composer-in-residence for Samba Laranja, the Syracuse University Brazilian Ensemble.  A past President of the Society for New Music, her music  has been featured on Fresh Ink, the weekly new music broadcast produced by the Society.   She has also completed five separate school-year residencies in Syracuse-area middle and high schools.

A recipient of the Billy Joel Fellowship, a fellowship with the Chamber Music Institute at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and awarded the prestigious Grace F. and Theodore Berger Award from the University of Delaware, Diane has also been inducted into Pi Kappa Lambda, the music honor society.  Active as a performer as well as a composer, Diane regularly performs with Samba Laranja and the Central New York Flute Choir.  She has played flute and piccolo in regional orchestras, and was one half of the flute duo, Flutes of Fancy. 

Diane is privileged to have studied with outstanding composers Daniel S. Godfrey, Nicolas Scherzinger, and Jennifer Margaret Barker.

Three Songs

A piano trio in three movements: I – Street Song, II – Mountain Song, III – Sky Song

Street Song reflects the frantic, relentless pace of the city, where cars, cyclists and pedestrians move almost dance-like through the streets. Mountain Song is almost a lullaby, an homage to the peace and tranquility of the slower pace in the Appalachia mountains, where the composer’s father was born. Sky Song is a woven tapestry of the composers late brother and the wife and children left behind.

Commissioned by Trio Casals for their 2015 CD, Moto Continuo

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Endings and Beginnings

For Tenor with Piano Accompaniment. Our lives are an endless cycle of endings and beginnings. Through it all, it seems a story is being told, moving from one person, to the next, to the next. Endings are often sad, beginnings are usually exciting, and through it all, we pass our stories from one generation to the next. Premiere performance recording of Dominic Corbaccio, tenor, with Sar Shalom Strong accompanying.

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Trombone Concerto

A dreamcatcher weaves a web to trap any harm that tries to encroach upon our sleep. In “Dreamcatcher,” the trombonist weaves that web in and around the orchestra, sifting through an ever-changing dream landscape. The solos that begin and end the piece complete the circle to hold the web.

This recording is from the CD “Neue Kraft Fuhlend / With Renewed Strength (Trombone Masterworks)” and features trombonist Haim Avitsur, with Ovidiu Marinescu conducting the New Russia State Symphony Orchestra

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