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Dog Star Orchestra

Los Angeles, CA   

The Dog Star Orchestra series is a yearly festival of experimental music concerts held in various locations around Los Angeles. Described as “messily exceptional” by the LA Times, each concert has its own producer/curator. Dog Star has featured everything from world premier pieces to free improvisation to foundational pieces of the genre. Begun in 2005 by Michael Pisaro as a way for local experimental musicians and composers to share ideas and make music over a few summer days, Dog Star has evolved into a two-week extravaganza showcasing the fertility and breadth of the Los Angeles experimental music scene. This year’s Dog Star will happen May 16-June 1, 2015.

Dog Star 10, improvisation Nicholas Deyoe and Ted Byrnes

Performed June 4, 2014 at Betalevel, part of concert 6 of Dog Star Orchestra 10. “Once joined, these crazy sounds became not the result of two improvisers riffing off each other but being on exactly the same wavelength at the same time. The room came alive.” -Mark Swed, LA Times.

Dog Star 8, Jürg Frey — Circular Music, trio kobayashi

Part 1. Performed at the wulf. September 8, 2012, concert 8 of Dog Star Orchestra 8. Matt Barbier–trombone, Luke Storm–tuba, Zara Teicher–horn

Dog Star 7, Cornelius Cardew's Treatise

Excerpt, performed Tuesday, 5 July 2011, by Matt Barbier, Eric km Clark, Corey Fogel, Laura Steenberge, Christine Tavolacci at the Wild Beast at CalArts. Part of Dog Star Orchestra 7