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Donovan Dorrance

Brooklyn, NY   

Donovan Dorrance hails from Chapel Hill, NC where he studied piano, guitar, drums, and voice before attending The University of North Carolina for a B.A. in Philosophy. After singing in a collegiate a cappella group, starting a short-lived DJ business, rapping in a comedic hip-hop duo,  drumming in an indie-rock band, and receiving a degree fit for waiting tables for the rest of his life, Donovan moved to Brooklyn to assist his sister’s dance company, Dorrance Dance, and pursue his passion for music. In his spare time, Donovan composes music with Greg Richardson for Dorrance Dance, takes online business courses, and is occasionally published in his UNC professors’ books in the field of philosophy.

Untitled (piano#4)

An unused prepared piano piece composed for Dorrance Dance’s “ETM: Double Down”. This piece would potentially be played by the tap dancers on the electronic midi tap boards in juxtaposition to the other piano pieces I composed (which are currently in the show).

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