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Douglas Hedwig

Chattanooga, TN   


Composer Douglas Hedwig was a trumpet player with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra (NYC) for 27 years, served on the faculty of The Juilliard School, and is Professor Emeritus at the Conservatory of Music Brooklyn College (C.U.N.Y). Since turning his full attention to composition in 2011, his music has been performed throughout the U.S., Italy, England, Scotland, Thailand, and Indonesia; including performances at the Blossom Music Festival by members of the Cleveland Orchestra, and by the North/South Chamber Orchestra (NYC), Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra, the West Point Band (U.S. Army Band), Chestnut Brass, Choral Arts of Chattanooga, soprano Jourdan Laine Howell, and by Orvieto Musica and New Ensemble of Disenzano (NED Ensemble). His electro-acoustic music was featured during recent world-wide broadcasts on Radiophrenia from Glasgow, Scotland.

 Dr. Hedwig was Composer-in-Residence at Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts (WY) in 2017, and was 3rd Place Winner (nationally) of The American Prize in chamber music composition in 2018.  During August 2019 he was Composer-in-Residence at the Siena Art Institute in Italy.  He is published by Carl Fischer Music and TRN.

He is the recipient of awards and honors from the United States Department of State, the National Endowment for the Arts, the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the City Council of the City of New York, and by the Governor, and the Division of Military and Naval Affairs of the State of New York. He also received a Special Citation from the Commissioner of the New York City Fire Department in recognition of his volunteer service as Civilian Bugler with the FDNY during the months following the events of 9/11/2001.

WEBSITE:  douglashedwig.com

“A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT “(2015) – for brass quintet, organ & percussion – by Douglas Hedwig

“A Certain Slant of Light” is an 18 minute composition in five movements, inspired by Emily Dickinson’s poem, “There’s a Certain Slant of Light.” Commissioned by St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Chattanooga, TN, it received its world premiere in May 2015 by organist Dr. Keith S. Reas, and members of the Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra. This live-recording from June 2018 is from the New Music on the Bayou contemporary music festival.

Movement Timings:
1: 00-2:20
2: 2:27-5:09
3. 5:22-9:53
4: 10:10-14:24
5: 14:39-19:10

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“HYMN & DANCE” (2017) – for string orchestra – by Douglas Hedwig

“Hymn & Dance” is comprised of the 2nd and 3rd movements of the original three-movement work for string orchestra (or string quintet), entitled “MOVABLE BORDERS.” “Movable Borders” was inspired by the composer’s world travels. “Hymn” was composed following a journey to India.”Dance” evokes the traditional dance music Croatia and Bulgaria.

This is a live-recording from May 2018 performed by the NED Chamber Orchestra, Disenzano del Garda, Italy, conducted by Andrea Mannucci.

Recording Timings:
Hymn- 00-4:24
Dance- 04:26-10:15

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Before the advent of the Internet, short-wave radio broadcasts brought sounds and ideas
from around the world to anyone with a radio and antennae. TranSonic Awakenings in D is an electro-acoustic composition in three sections, inspired by the fascinating, and often mysterious sounds and diverse languages associated with short-wave radio broadcasts and audio transmissions.In the middle section we hear fragments of radio “call-signs,” typically used at the start and end of scheduled shortwave broadcast cycles; in this case, from Argentina.

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