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warren crowell

madison, WI   

December Proposal Holiday-presents
December Proposal Holiday:  Born Warren Crowell of Chicago, Illinois, and the creator of the Folk Funk genre.  I am a songwriter (BMI)/vocalist/arranger/performer/music director.  Throughout the years from the early 1980’s; after a tour of duty in the United States Marine Corps, I began pursuing a music career- which proved an off and on series of successful music performance groups.
 After years of honing my skills on electric bass, I auditioned for, and joined a number of existing, non-performing bands in California, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Chicago.  Instrumental in putting these bands on the local public music performance circuits, I was able to gain important skills in music directing, performance arranging, stage presence, and other factors which creates an experience for the audiences.  
The mid 1980’s  was a turning point for me when I began thinking of methods to bring something fresh and new to the industry.  My music and songs were tendered from personal life experiences, and experiences of others which I had witnessed.  I knew they were relevant to a great group of people.  Giving the situation deep thought, I created and named my form of music “Folk Funk”.  The definition of which is inner city tales on the flip side of Hip Hop.
I attended the Columbia College of Chicago where I studied music theory, piano I & II, and creative writing.  Further-on I studied music theory and String Bass at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.  
Currently, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with an inspiring group of musicians and performers whom are also very savvy  in stage presence and performances.  We’re working on a production which I know will move the audiences and introduce the Folk Funk genre into a culture within the industry as well as in communities and venues wherever we can perform.  December Proposal Holiday- presents is the title of our performances because we will work with various performers and genres throughout this project.  

We look forward to bringing our abilities and experiences together in order to create an enjoyable, true Funk experience to our audience(s).
December Proposal Holiday and Funk music IS the Truth!

December Proposal Holiday-TalentJackSearch interview

Interview with December Proposal Holiday: Interview and spotlight, Madison, Wisconsin.
Courtesy of Talent Jack Search, Madison, WI.

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A Dose Of Funk

A true Folk Funk song depicting pursuits of normalcy and the experiences along the way.

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“All Out” album

The “All Out” music compilation album by December Proposal Holiday represents his new genre of “Folk Funk”. Folk Funk is tales from the inner-city set to the heavy new sound of true funk music. Funk music has its’ own particular sound, just as reggae music, country music, and other distinguishable forms of descriptive musics. Folk Funk is the trademarked name of this new genre by Warren Crowell (December Proposal Holiday) which tells the experiences of people and experiences of the people living in inner cities across the globe.

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