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WireTap New Music

Durham, NC      

WireTap New Music is a collective of musicians that is dedicated to bringing chamber music of the 20th and 21st centuries to the community in Durham, North Carolina. With an emphasis on recent works by living composers, WireTap uses inventive programming and high quality performances to present concert music that is being made now.

Hilos – VII. Bombines

This final movement of Gabriela Lena Frank’s work Hilos, Bombines (Bowler Hats) is a humorous dance in homage to the ubiquitous bowler hats worn by mountain women in Latin American countries like Bolivia and Peru. The “karnavalito” rhythm punctuates throughout.

This recording comes from WireTap New Music’s inaugural concert on November 12th, and the performers are as follows:

Les Nicholas, clarinet, Sarah Griffin, violin, Michael Trinastic, piano, Emily Austin Smith, cello

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Big Things

Big Things is a raucous piece by Michael Laurello for electric guitar, vibraphone, percussion, piano, and electric bass. It combines complex rhythms with rock-inspired textures and instrumentation to create a viscerally exciting work. We included this piece on WireTap’s inaugural concert to provide a stark contrast with the delicate folk-inspired music of Gabriela Lena Frank. The performers on this recording are:

Nathan Huvard, electric guitar, Cameron Britt, percussion, Peter Zlotnick, vibraphone, Scott Lee, piano, James Suter, electric bass

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Vim-Hocket, Calm

Vim-Hocket, Calm is a piece by D. J. Sparr for violin and electric guitar in two movements. The first movement consists of bright chords and offset arpeggios where the guitar chases the violin at ever-increasing distances. In the second movement, a serene but melancholy folk-like melody is interspersed with high bell-tones. We were lucky to have the composer join us for WireTap’s inaugural concert to share his inspiration for the piece with the audience.

Nathan Huvard, electric guitar, Sarah Griffin, violin

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