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Eddy Ficklin

New York, NY

Eddy is New Music USA’s Director of Platform. He brings over 10 years of technology and new media experience to his position at New Music USA. In addition to database and website development for New Music USA (and Meet The Composer prior to the 2011 merger that created New Music USA), he has also been a team developer and information architect for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, CityLore and SUNY’s Collaborative Online International Learning Institute.

An active composer and media artist, his recent and on-going works include soundbiting, an audio blog about (gay) urban existence, Sounds Like Staten Island, an audio database of recordings from New York City’s forgotten borough and Song of the Rain, a performance/installation work dealing with the coming storm of climate change.

Flash of Recognition

Flash of Recognition is the second installment in a trilogy of chamber operas dealing with the sometimes precarious and unsettling places gay and lesbian individuals find themselves in in society. This installment focuses on a fictitious episode in the life of Mike Disfarmer, a photographer in rural Arkansas.

Song of the Rain

The first installment in a year-long (perhaps even multi-year) project looking at the personal impacts of climate change. These respondents were asked, “What do you fear the most?” and here are their answers. Visit songoftherain.org to add your voice.

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