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Elizabeth Hoffman

New York, NY   

Elizabeth Hoffman’s work has been described as “visionary sound collages” (Chain DLK (USA)), and “disciplined, articulated sound aggregates that transform” (De:Bug, Germany) or move between “free resonances, and sonorous sculptures” (France Musique). She teaches in the Department of Music at NYU. Her electroacoustic work is available on the empreintes DIGITALes, NEUMA, and everglade labels, and acoustic music on World-Edition and others. Hoffman created the music for the video work GLOBELAND that is available on Innova. Recent articles appear in the Computer Music and Organized Sound journals. They concern spatialization as a performed quality, and aspects of symbolic form and subjectivity in electroacoustic music. She has collaborated with Ivan Goff, Elena Demyanenko (dancer), Margaret Lancaster, Jane Rigler, Andy Kozar, Marianne Gythfeldt, String Noise, Sarah Plum, and others, on mixed music and mutli-media projects.

other sites with links to and about my creative work:  soundcloud/eliz-hoffman; vimeo.com/user14662556; http://www.electrocd.com/en/cat/imed_12115/critiques/

langanaich (2009) for oboe, Uillean pipes, live electronics, fixed media, and dancer (performed by Ian Shafer (oboe) and Yung-Li Chen, dancer and choreographer)

This performance/presentation/piece is truly a palimpsest: The original piece, langanaich exists as an interactive work that I wrote for Ivan Goff and myself, in 2008. A recording of our live performance of that core composition was then used by Ian Shafer as a fixed media element in a new improvisatory work. Finally, a choreographic component was added by Yung-Li Chen for this 2014 performance at the DiMenna Center NYC.

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