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Ensemble N_JP

Philadelphia, PA   

Composer Gene Coleman formed Ensemble N_JP in 2001 as a vehicle for his on going work with musicians from Japan. Through concert programs, multimedia works and educational projects, the group explores connections between contemporary and traditional forms of art. N_JP unites outstanding Japanese and US musicians from the traditional, experimental and contemporary classical music communities. Most recently, the group completed a 3 year residency at the University of Illinois Urbana and recieved a Classical Commission grant from Chamber Music America. Ensemble N_JP has performed in a number of important festivals and venues since it’s inception, these include the I-House of Tokyo, Pitt Inn Shinjuku, Kidailack Art House (Tokyo), The House of World Cultures Berlin, The Dresden Society Theater, The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, Lake Forest College, The Chicago World Music Festival, I-House Philadelphia, The Blurred Edges Festival in Hamburg, The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, The Japan Society NY, University of Illinois Urbana, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, MaerzMusik Festival and The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Read about our recent concert in Philadelphia here:


The group’s members include:

*Gene COLEMAN (Composer, founder and artistic director) *Rei HOTODA (Conductor) *Ko ISHIKAWA (Sho {bamboo mouth organ}) *Naomi SATO (Sho) *Naoko KIKUCHI (Koto) *Yoko Reikano KIMURA (Koto) *Toshimaru NAKAMURA (Live Elecronics), Adam Vidiksis (Conductor and Percussion), Teddy Rankin-Parker (Cello), Nick Millevoi (Electric Guitar)

Guest artists that have collaborated with N_JP include:

*XASAX Quartet (France) *Mike Svoboda (Trombone, Germany/USA) *Vincent Royer (Viola, France) *WU Wei (Sheng, China) *Harry Sparnay (Bass Clarinet, Netherlands) *Otomo Yoshihide (Guitar, Japan) *Ensemble Noamnesia (USA) *PHACE Ensemble (Austria) *Ensemble E-MEX (Germany) *Kazuhisa UCHIHASHI (Japan, Guitar) *Yumiko TANAKA (Japan, Shamisen {Japanese banjo}) *Yoko NISHI (Japan, Koto) *Amy Williams (Piano, USA) *Michael Cameron (Contrabass, USA). 

Sendai Transmissions (clip #1)

The first 3 minutes of “Sendai Transmissions”, a music video composed and directed in 2013 by Gene Coleman, based on the architecture of the Sendai Mediatheque. Featuring 8 outstanding musicians from Ensemble N_JP conducted by Adam Vidiksis, the work was commissioned by Chamber Music America and The Graham Foundation. This work brings together music composition, architecture, text, computer animation, cinema and fractal geometry. The video features cinematography by Ryutaro Hakamata, with editing and graphics by Nick Lerman and Chris Landau.

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Kyoto Naigai (Clip #2)

An excerpt from “Kyoto_Naigai” a music video composed and directed by Gene Coleman, played by 7 members of Ensemble N_JP. The work draws on the history of architecture and urban space in Kyoto in the 20th century. It incorporates architecture, dance for camera, music and text (in Japanese and English) to tell a story about the city as globalized space. The composition uses images of historical and contemporary architecture in Kyoto, Japan. The dance sequences feature the Philadelphia based dance artist Nicole Bindler.

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Sendai Transmissions (clip #4)

Clip #4 from “Sendai Transmissions” a 2103 music video work by Gene Coleman, commissioned by Chamber Music American and The Graham Foundation and performed by 8 members of Ensemble N_JP. The work uses Toyo Ito’s building as a “text” to create an experience that blurs the lines between architecture, music and cinema. In this clip we see magnificent tracking and zoom shots by master cinematographer Ryutaro Hakamata with the instruments sounding in precise relation to the images and movements.

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