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Ensemble Pamplemousse

Brooklyn, NY               

“The absurd dances with the sublime, and playfulness collides with rigor.”

Ensemble Pamplemousse is a performer/composer collective devoted to presenting the works of its members and other like-minded composers from around the world. Lightheartedly described as “hippie complexism with glitch”, the music takes notes from the American experimental movement, the European avant-garde, and experimental theatre.

Uncompromising in its artistic values, the ensemble works to expand the realm of historically relevant music by creating, performing, and recording compelling music. 

In 2016-17, Pamplemousse toured to four European countries and seven American cities, presenting works written collaboratively and individually. The current season includes a festival featuring four days of experimental music, theatre, and sound art in NYC, a partnership with JACK in Brooklyn, and a performance of a crane opera at the Borealis Festival in Norway. 

Mission :

Founded in 2003 to provide a focal point for like-minded creators with a thirst for sonic exploration, Pamplemousse is a close-knit group of divergent artistic personalities, emergent from training in disparate musical fields.  Their collective love for the exquisite in all sonic realms leads the ensemble to persistently discover new vistas of sound at the frayed edges of dissective instrumental performance technique. Compositions aggregate each member’s unique virtuosic talents into extraordinary magical moments.  In the flexible moments of performance, the ensemble weaves together shapes of resonance, clusters of glitch, skitters of hyper action, and masses of absurdity into impeccable structures of unified beauty.

Members :

David Broome, Natacha Diels, Andrew Greenwald, Bryan Jacobs, Jessie Marino, Weston Olencki 

Organic Synthesis Vol. 1

Two groups of mechanically-controlled slide whistles face-off with cello and percussion. Humans and machines come together to create a new kind of electronic instruments that’s partly human controlled and partly computer controlled. This piece is part of a larger project of creating electronic music without the use of loud speaker.

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Child of Chimera

This is the fourth in a series of ‘nightmares’ written for chamber ensemble between 2012 and 2016.
Minute gestures are exploded and executed by performers through choreography, repetition, and counterpoint. The ensemble acts as three facets of the primary character, the drummer. This manifests in the instruments the two assistants perform (miniature drumsets); in the assistants’ relationship to, and various musical and theatrical interactions with, the drummer; and in moments of unison sound, gesture, and silence peppered throughout the piece.

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Guillaume de St. Cloud Suffers a Violent Dazzling

1. WDNG is a fictional radio station out of Spokane, WA where the DJs perform live on the air. On a Thursday, two DJs get together with their board-op to make a new broadcast. The intern works in the studio next door, setting up for the next show. It’s very early in the morning and everyone is getting hungry.

2. Guillaume de St. Cloud was a scientist who viewed an eclipse on June 5, 1285 without the use of ocular protection. “Wherever he looked, even with his eyelids closed, he saw a persistent bright disc.” (Mannoni).

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