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fides krucker

toronto, CA   

Fides Krucker has been an innovative interpreter of vocal music in Canada and abroad for 25 years. Her award-winning company, Good Hair Day Productions, created the electroacoustic show The girl with no door on her mouth, the immersive cabaret A little rain never hurt no one… the r n’b disability show CP Salon (now an NFB film), the boxing piece Yours to Break and the avantgarde opera Julie Sits Waiting (Wamsley/Dufort)…nominated in 2013 for 5 Doras including outstanding female performance, outstanding production and best new work in the opera category. For fourteen years Fides created work with the Dora winning interdisciplinary ensemble, URGE. She recreated the score for Ahmed Hassan and Peggy Baker’s Geometry of the Circle for the 2010 Paralympics. With Heidi Strauss and Alex Fallis she co-created an eighteen voice interdisciplinary piece for Humber Theatre’s 2010 graduating class. She has learned to sing like a mermaid for Richard Sanger and Nik Beeson’s adaptation of Lampedusa’s short story Lighea; this sonic theatre piece, Dive, will premiere in January 2015 and a CD of the vocal music is currently being recorded. Fides’ writing on voice/body work has been published by the Canadian literary journal Descant and was the basis of a conversation with Peter Gzowski for Some of the best minds of our time. She received a Chalmer’s Arts Fellowship in 2010 to write about voice and her artistic practice. As a teacherKrucker is in high demand for private voice classes in Toronto by singers, actors, dancers and non-performers.  She currently teaches at Humber College in the theatre department, for ISIS Canada’s expressive arts therapy programme and works regularly with several dance companies in Canada and the US. Fides’ expertise in teaching groups has taken her frequently to Vancouver, Regina, Montreal, Tel Aviv, Zurich and Rome. This next season she is developing a dance piece with Peggy Baker in the Canadian Gallery at the AGO.

Julia Sits Waiting

In a house in the midst of a renovation, Julie, married to a police officer, and Mick, an Anglican priest, discover extraordinary intimacy – and colossal disaster.
A different kind of love-at-first-sight story, Julie Sits Waiting exposes the complexity of desire, as these ‘old’ characters, rich with life experience, have the audacity to insist upon reckless, youthful passion.
Acclaimed performers Fides Krucker and Richard Armstrong connect in a startling and profound way, breathing life into the intimacies of sweat, flesh and breath.

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