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Frauke Aulbert


Frauke Aulbert,
soprano, voice performer, multivocalist

As “Hamburg’s queen of avantgarde” (Hamburger Abendblatt Jan. 2010), Frauke Aulbert boasts a vocal range of four octaves and has specialized in the contemporary vocal performance.

In addition to her formal training in lyrical singing she focuses on extended and experimental singing techniques to grasp the soundwise capabilities of her voice and exceed egdes. She mastered overtone- and undertone-singing, multiphonics and other timbre-altering techniques, and also classically sings in any range her voice allows.

As a vocal-sound-researcher she studies, describes and sings many different genres – including gamelan, jazz, chanson, dhrupad, beatboxing, höömii – and applies those sounds to her interpretation of contemporary vocal music.


Improvisation and (first) performances of pieces which were frequently written especially for her led her to festivals all over Europe, for example Festival Presence/Radio France Paris, Warsaw Autumn, the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the Deutsche Staatsoper Hamburg, the ZKM, the Berghain Berlin, the International Darmstädter Ferienkursen for New Music, the Casa Giacinto Scelsi in Rome, the International Stockhausen-Summerclasses, the Hamburger Klangwerktage or the festival HAU Berlin, What’s next Brussels, Klang! Copenhaguen, to Luxembourg, Edinburgh, Manchester, London, Amsterdam, Florence, Cologne, Munich, Avignon, Rotterdam, Novalja (Croatia) etc.

International concerts included Brasil (Rio de Janeiro, São Paolo, Belo Horizonte, Campinas), Tunesia (Tunis), Georgia (Tbilisi), the USA (New York, Chicago, Urbana, Minnesota) and will lead her to Australia (Sydney, Melbourne) and Korea (Seoul) in 2015.

Prizes / grants / residencies / support

In 2016/17 she will be resident artist at the distinguished Schloss Solitude near Stuttgart.

She was awarded the first price by the Stockhausen-foundation for her interpretation of the INDIANERLIEDER in 2009. The music theatre piece ‚Josefine singt’, in which she developed and played the lead character, was given the international Music Theatre NOW award in 2012.

For 2012 she resided one month in Rome through an invitation by the Goethe-Institute and further receiveda grant by the culture secretary of the Federal Republic of Germany which offered her a residence in the Cité Internationale des Arts Paris for six month. Her work and her concerts are supported by the Ministery of Culture of the Federal Republic of Germany, the french-german fond IMPULS New Musik, the Stockhausen-Foundation, Feldtmann kulturell and the Foundation Katharina und Gerhard Hoffmann


Frauke Aulbert works with composers such as Georges Aperghis, Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf, Geoffroy Drouin, Hans-Joachim Hespos, Vinko Globokar, Simon Stockhausen, Michael Maierhof, Jagoda Szmytka, Arturo Fuentes, Charlotte Seither, Daniel Puig and Alexander Schubert and performed with theatre-companies like Cie le Grain – Théâtre de la Voix (Bordeaux), Opera Silens (Hamburg), Harriet and Peter Meining (Dresden).

She is founding member and co-artistic director, as well as regularly performing, with her own groups Decoder-Ensemble (Hamburg), collect/project (Hamburg/Chicago) and the Forum für zeitgenössische Vokalmusik (Association for Contemporary Vocal Music).


Her concerts were featured a.o. at Deutschlandradio, RAI, Radio France, Rede Minas Television Brasil. She appears on recordings of Decoder Ensemble, Magic Malik (freejazz), Simon Stockhausen etc. For the German-American film drama The Future (2011, Miranda July) she sang birdsongs in a studio-recording.


She studied at the university of Kiel, Germany, the Conservatorio Superior de Musica in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain and completed her formation in 2009 with the Diplom (master) of the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, Germany. Until 2005 she has been member of the opera-choir of Tenerife, Spain.

She attended masterclasses with the vocal-performers Lauren Newton (improvisation), Sainkho Namchylak (höömii), David Moss (improvisation), Donatienne Michel-Dansac (contemporary music), Maria Husmann (the music of György Kurtag), Michael Vetter (overtone singing), Jennifer Walshe (performance), Michiko Hirayama (the music of Giacinto Scelsi), Linda Wise (Pantheatre / Roy Hart Theatre) as well as chamber music courses with Eva Furrer, Uli Fussenegger and Francois Deppe. In 2015/16 she is participating in Amelia Cuni’s formation on Dhrupad and Vocal meditation.


Standartworks of contemporary vocal music – like Pierrot lunaire, Kafka-Fragmente, Sequenza III, STIMMUNG, Récitations pour voix seule or La fabbrica illuminata (which she recorded for the RAI)– belong as well to her repertoire as pieces by young upcoming composers, with which she works together frequentely. She has created around 50 new solo, chamber music or music theatre pieces. When working with composers she tries to emphazise and widen the repertoire for extended singing techniques. 


Her dissertation about ‘Overtone Singing in Contemporary Music’ contains physiological and physical analyses about different overtone-singing-techniques from Asia and Europe as well as chapters about it’s history and dissemination, it’s notation and application in compositions. At the congress of the Gesellschaft für Musikforschung 2012 she presented a concert-lecture about the piece ‚Lotófagos’ by Beat Furrer.

Her artistic residency at Schloss Solitude in 2016/17 will focus on the exploration and study of Beatboxing, and include the development of a notation usable in contemporary music, the development of new piece in collaboration with young composers and the publication of a research paper.


Workshops and lectures concerning experimental singing techniques for interprets, composers and teachers she has given among others at Conservatorio Santa Cecilia Rome, Conservatoire Bologne-Billancourt Paris, Conservatorio di Benevento, the festival Sommerliche Musiktage Hitzacker, at Chiffren Neue Musik, at the University for Music and Theatre Hamburg (Hochschule für Musik und Theater) and at the continuing education of teachers at Munich Biennale for contemporary Music Theatre (Münchener Biennale für Zeitgenössisches Musiktheater), at the Tbilisi State Conservatore (Georgia), in Belo Horizonte (Brasil) and in the USA (Chicago and Minneapolis).

Frauke Aulbert holds a diploma degree in Pedagogy of Music/Singing from the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg.

For further information about Frauke Aulbert please visit the following websites and the links in the web:


Alexander Schubert: Your fox’s, a dirty gold

For solo performer with voice, motion sensors, electric guitar, live-electronics and lights (2011)

The piece was written for and premiered by Frauke Aulbert. Since the creation performances of ‘Fox’ have led her to Tunis, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, to the ZKM and the Darmstädter Ferienkurse, What’s next Brussels, Klang Copenhagen and many more. One of the upcoming performances is Resonant Bodies Festival, 2016, in New York.

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