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Fred Onovwerosuoke

Saint Louis, MO         

Award-winning American composer Fred Onovwerosuoke (“Fredo,” as most friends and colleagues call him) was born in Ghana to Nigerian parents. His influences are wide-ranging, and is at home discussing Beethoven, Debussy, Stravinsky, Jazz, as well as contemporary popular music. FredO’s works have been featured in a variety of recordings, films, documentaries and radio, including Robert De Niro’s film, The Good Shepherd, Niyi Coker’s Pennies for the Boatman, IMI Chamber Players’ Dances & Rhapsodies: Works for Wind Quintet, William-Chapman Nyaho’s CD, ASA, Hymes/Hollister’s CD, African Art Music for Flute, pianist Peter Henderson’s CD, A Celebration of African Composers for Piano, pianist Rebeca Omordia’s CD, Ekele, to mention just a few. Onovwerosuoke’s book, Twenty-four Studies in African Rhythms (AM Publishers) is acclaimed as one of the most-demanded African-rhythm influenced piano studies known. His choral series, Songs of Africa: 22 Pieces for Mixed Choirs (Oxford University Press) and book, Twelve African Songs for Solo Voice and Piano (AM Publishers), have become favorites among vocal music directors across the United States and globally. Fred Onovwerosuoke is an Artist Fellow of the Regional Arts Commission, and is represented by IMI Artists.

Six Sketches for Oboes and Piano – No. 5 (“Storm at High Noon”)

Nashville Symphony’s Principal Oboist Titus Underwood pairs up with St. Louis Symphony’s Pianist Peter Henderson for the fiery fifth movement (“Storm at High Noon”) from Fred Onovwerosuoke’s “Six Sketches for Oboes and Piano.” Collectively, the “Six Sketches for Oboes and Piano” shares a commentary on ongoing discourse on climate change.

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Rhapsody No. 3 (“Healing Dances”) for Woodwind Quintet

IMI Chamber Players, featuring Wendy Hymes (flute), Carrie Smith (oboe), Mary Bryant (clarinet), Hank Skolnick (bassoon), and Peter Ulffers (horn), IMI Chamber Players performing “Healing Dances,” an excerpt from Fred Onovwerosuoke’s “Rhapsodies for Wind Quintet No. 3.”

According to the composer: “‘Healing Dances’ alludes to homeopathic rituals comparative among ‘Forest Peoples’ in the central Africa region and Native Americans… A series of divination often culminating into a communal dance frenzy…”

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Reflections No.1 (excerpt)

Excerpt from the composer’s “Reflections” series, showcasing musical vignettes imagined for film, documentary, or literary reading. In a year fraught with an errant pandemic and political upheaval, “Reflections No. 1” is really a meditation on gratitude and wish for better years ahead.

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