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Gina Patterson

San Angelo, TX         


With a long performance career as a principal artist and almost thirty years as a professional in the field, Gina Patterson brings to her art a rich and varied background. She was known as a versatile, consummate performer, dancing with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Ballet Austin, and Ballet Florida, and performed as a guest artist around the world. Since 1998, she has created over 80 original works, 11 of them full-evening productions, winning international acclaim and such honors as the Choo San Goh Award for Choreography, a nomination for an Isadora Duncan Dance Award, the Hubbard Street 2 National Choreographic Competition, and the National Choreographic Initiative. Her works appear in the repertoire of more than 20 companies including Atlanta Ballet, Ballet Austin, BalletMet, Cincinnati Ballet, DanceWorks Chicago, Dayton Ballet, Hubbard Street 2, MADCO, Nashville Ballet, Richmond Ballet, and VOICE. Ms. Patterson enjoys a stellar reputation for both the quality of her work and for the depth of the creative and personal experience she provides for her dancers and the audience. She is in demand as a master teacher and coach and since 2009 has been the artistic director of VOICE Dance Company, a project-based laboratory for her work. In 2015, she became the artistic director of San Angelo Civic Ballet.

The press has called her a choreographer of “startling originality” and “engaging creativity” and described her work as “Forceful and swirling, it is as if she has somehow harnessed breath itself; gasping, panting, sighing”, “rarely predictable”, and “a polished balletic masterpiece”.

Artist Statement

I believe in the power of the creative process. It inspires and offers a platform to excavate the jewels of art and life.

As a choreographer and as an Artistic Director, I strive to create a unique experience for every performance filled with vulnerability, humor, and passion, leaving the audience and all involved reflecting on the experience long after the event. I aspire to energize our art and share dance’s intimacy, power, and ability to spark conversation and change lives. I believe in the power of dance and music to uplift, inspire, provoke, draw tears, and elicit screams from our souls, expressing both infinite beauty and the rawness of life.

Together in community and collaboration, we can create landscapes that educate, embrace, and empower. We can create environments that inspire, enrich, and touch people’s lives.

Gina Patterson and Matthew Perryman Jones behind the scenes at Nashville Ballet

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Gina Patterson’s “…but the flowers have yet to come” at Nashville Ballet. The piece features live music by Matthew Perryman Jones.
Choreography © Gina Patterson
Full Performance length: 45 min.

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Excerpts of Quietly Walking by Gina Patterson

“Quietly Walking” was commissioned to premiere in May 2011 by Atlanta Ballet. It was re-mounted in 2015 and has been called “a polished balletic masterpiece” in the press.

Choreography © Gina Patterson
Sets and Costumes by Jorge Gallardo
Sound Design by Eric Midgley
Excerpt Length: 4:40 min.
Original Performance Length: 35 min.

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