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Gisburg aka Gisburg Smialek

Brooklyn, NY      

Gisburgis a composer and singer born in Salzburg/ Austria.

She has toured around the world as a concert singer for new music with Dieter Schnebel and his vocal group Die Maulwerker from Berlin.

Since settling in NYC, she recorded 3 CDs of her own compositions on Tzadik. With her experimental trip hop band Douce, she recorded the music for the movie High Life. She wrote and produced the soundtrack for the controversial feature film Hounddog by Debra Kampmeier, several shorts and documentaries.

She was a member of the chinese Hai-Tien choir with Mrs. Pi-Chu Hsiao for 6 years and has recorded Chinese pop music from the 30’s and 50’s with Gary Lucas.

 She is the founder of the vocal group “Magic Names” which champions K.H.Stockhausen‘s vocal masterpiece “Stimmung, and John Cages’ piece “Song Books”.

 She also works as a sound and music editor for film and has worked on films with directors such as Ethan Coen, Robert Duvall, Martin Scorsese, and Amie Siegel, Abigail Child and Loui Terrier (a.m.o)


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