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Gregory Richardson

Brooklyn, NY   

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Gregory Richardson was born in Tucson, AZ and learned Rhythm and Blues at an early age from a family of musicians where everyone could play at least a little piano and everyone was expected to sing.  As a member of the band Darwin Deez, Gregory has performed at many of the world’s largest music festivals.  In recent years he’s found a second home with the tightly-knit New York City tap dance community, composing for and/or performing in several shows with Dorrance Dance, including most recently, Myelination, which was commissioned by the Fall For Dance festival and premiered at New York City Center and a brand new work premiering at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.   www.gregoryrichardsonmusic.com

Pillow Royale

Originally recorded on one guitar using a four-track looping pedal, this piece was eventually adapted for the tap dance company Dorrance Dance and performed with upright bass, guitar, and 10 dancers triggering “tap instruments” (MIDI foot triggers connected to Ableton Live software) created by Nicholas Van Young.

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Bat Macumba, performed by Music From The Sole at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival

Music from the Sole is an n evening length performance that blurs the line between concert dance and live band. Brazilian tap dancer Leonardo Sandoval and composer and bassist Gregory Richardson lead an eight piece ensemble in a live show that draws heavily from Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop, Brazilian, and Afro-Cuban.

Soul brothers Leo and Gregory met each other through master tap dancer and MacArthur Fellow Michelle Dorrance, with whom they are currently touring and creating.

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