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Ulyana Machneva

Charleston, SC

“…Refined musicianship and emotional expression, balanced with virtuosity and the ability to compose – she’s got it all!” noted the Ukrainian newspaper Krymskie izvestiya during Ulyana’s early career.

    Ulyana Machneva, Ukraine-born, started playing classical guitar at the age of 6. She graduated from KharkivStateUniversity of Arts as a classical guitar performer, teacher, and composer.

As a classical guitar virtuoso, Ulyana won highest honors in many international competitions, such as: The Young Virtuoso (Kyiv, Ukraine), The International Guitar Competition (Krynica, Poland), The XIV International “Millennium” Guitar Competition (Esztergom, Hungary), The XIII International Festival and Competition “Renaissance of the Guitar” (Gomel, Belarus), the Rosario Guitar Festival and Competition (Columbia, SC), and several times the Annual Columbus State University Guitar Competition and Symposium (Columbus, GA).

   Her melodious musical renditions have resounded in concert halls throughout Russia, Belgium, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, CzechRepublic, and America.

   As a composer, Ulyana was a multiple winner of The Renaissance of the Guitar International composition competition (Gomel, Belarus).

   Her original musical compositions have been published in CzechRepublic, Ukraine, Belarus, and the USA.

   Ulyana moved to the USA in 2008, where she continues her musical carrier, playing solo recitals and composing.

   She performed solo concerts at the Guitar Muse Series (Columbia, SC), in The 9th Annual Bethlehem Guitar Festival at Moravian College (Bethlehem, PA), St. Luke Recital Series, Monday Night Concert Series, and Piccolo Spoleto Young Artist Series. In addition, she was a soloist with the Summerville Community Orchestra (Summerville, SC), the Charleston Renaissance Ensemble and the Southcoast Symphony Community Orchestra (Charleston, SC).

   She teaches classical guitar, music theory, and Guitar Orchestra at the Charleston Academy of Music


   In 2013, Ulyana graduated the Artist Certificate Program at the College of Charleston after Professor Marc Regnier.