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Holy Sheboygan!


Holy Sheboygan! is a band of scavengers.  Creeping through the dark alleys of musical sound, they borrow melodies from a wide array of genres, tape-recorded noise from the chaos of their everyday lives, and re-purposed percussion from the dumpsters of Wisconsin’s Fox Valley. By their very nature, they can be described as nothing other than ‘garbage folk.’

They are college-educated musicians who sharpened their teeth on folk tunes and rock bands, jazz combos, concert and experimental ensembles before turning their attentions to the Great Work.

In spring of 2014 they used funding from a New Music USA grant to record a collaboration with composer Lawton Hall, “Zeke Suite.”  In fall of 2014, they spent 3 months as artists-in-residence at the Wormfarm Institute in western Wisconsin, where they recorded their third album, “THREE,” and wrote original music for this year’s upcoming release, “FOUR” (set to be recorded in October).  This material was premiered the same year live at Fermentation Fest.  Their work with Hall continues as well, as they prepare to release the second installment in Entropy Songs, “Isaac Suite,” together with “Zeke Suite” this coming spring.

They have toured extensively in the Midwest and on the East Coast and continue to scatter their raucous, heartfelt sound about the country…