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Howie Kenty

Brooklyn, NY      

Howie Kenty is a Brooklyn-based composer and sound designer, occasionally known by his musical alter-ego, Hwarg. His music, called “remarkable” with “astonishing poetic power” by the International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica, is stylistically diverse, encompassing ideas from contemporary classical, electronic, rock, sound art, theatre, and everything in between, occasionally with visual and theatrical elements. Throughout all of his creations runs the idea that the experience of a piece is more than listening to the music; there is a wholeness of vision and an awareness of environment that attempts to fully draw the audience into his works. Besides regularly premiering pieces internationally, serving as an executive producer of the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, teaching, and working with artists like DJ Spooky and Amanda Palmer, Howie plays guitar in the progressive rock band The Benzene Ring. He is currently a Graduate Council Fellow ABD PhD candidate at Stony Brook University, studying with Matthew Barnson, Margaret Schedel, Sheila Silver, and Daniel Weymouth.

Howie’s Scherzo; Dance. received an Honorary Mention in Prix Ars Electronica 2008, and his We Have Less Time Than You Think won a first prize commission at Shanghai Electronic Music Week 2013. After performing his An Impetuous Old Friend in the 2013 Concert Artist Guild Competition, PUBLIQuartet was awarded the Sylvia Ann Hewlett Adventurous Artist Prize and chosen as the New Music/New Places Ensemble. Recent recognition includes a 2017 Copland House residency, a 2018 Virginia Center for the Creative Arts residency, first prize commission in the 2017 Null-state Chaosflöte competition, competition winner for the 2018 Open Space Festival of New Music, competition winner for the 2018 RED NOTE New Music Festival Composition Workshop, and an ASCAP Plus+ award.

The Halls Within The Mirror (Live, with Rebekah Norris)

Soprano [Rebekah Norris] and electronics. A solo mini-opera of internal struggle, childhood memories, and a tragic incident. Commissioned by the Shanghai Conservatory of Music’s International Electronic Music Week, 2015. Individual movements: i. Present: Awakening – ii. Driving: First Memory – iii. Childhood: First Memory – iv. Driving: Second Memory – v. Childhood: Second Memory – vi. Present: Despair – vii. Driving: Third Memory – viii. Present: Waiting

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An Impetuous Old Friend (Live, with PUBLIQuartet)

Now part of their regular repertoire, PUBLIQuartet performed this piece in the 2013 Concert Artists Guild Competition, in which they were chosen as the New Music/New Places Ensemble and were awarded the Sylvia Ann Hewlett Adventurous Artist Prize. It is available on their eponymous debut album on CAG Records.

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We Have Less Time Than You Think

Violin [Adrianna Mateo] and electronics. This piece deals with the fact that we humans do not have long; time passes in a blur, easily escaping attempts to stop or slow its flow. In my own experience, the passage of time seems to speed up exponentially; I certainly feel like I have less time than I thought I did. All of the electronic elements in this piece were generated using violin and vocal samples. Performed by violinist Tian Boyang (田博阳), this piece placed first in the 2013 Shanghai Electronic Music Week composition competition.

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