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Ysanne Spevack

New York, NY            

Ysanne’s early collaboration with Laurie Anderson at London’s South Bank Centre still inspires her explorations into music as a storytelling medium within interdisciplinary performances, and with multisensory cross-modality. Her strings for Tilda Swinton‘s performance in Doug Aitken‘s sleepwalkers movie was the most viewed artwork ever to be shown at MoMa.

She is a composer / arranger best known for her large-scale works for orchestra. Her most recent project was an epic new choral work for an innovative, multisensory immersive activation  –  YNTEGRITY. The project (also known as ‘Cacao in E Major’) was based on Happiness, and was widely praised in the media, including Huffington Post, Cool Hunting, Yahoo News, and news outlets internationally from London to South Africa to Singapore. It was a multi-sensory immersive experience with music, food, theater, technology and neuroscience.

YNTEGRITY was built on the success of her previous large-scale compositions for a 44-piece symphony orchestra, called The Coldwater Proejct. The project received widespread acclaim, including a full page feature in The Los Angeles Times. She sold over 24,000 copies of the music as a digital bundle containing the music as WAV, MP3 and MOV files as an independent release, without a record label.

Ysanne studied composition, conducting and violin, at the Royal College of Music, London. She is best known for her classical arrangements and compositions for non-classical audiences, including her scores for two feature films, numerous television programs, and arrangements for live and recorded projects with some of the world’s most celebrated non-classical artists.

She has been commissioned to compose classical music for dance, opera and theater, including her vocal and string compositions with Asian Dub Foundation for Peter Sellars commission at the Venice Biennale, her string arrangements for the English National Opera‘s opera, ‘Gadaffi – A Living Myth’, that was about Colonel Gadaffi, and a commission for a soundtrack for the New York butoh dance company Vangeline Theater.

Ysanne has created arrangements for The Smashing Pumpkins, Michael Stipe (R.E.M.), Christina Perri, Tiesto, Elton John, David J (Bauhaus / Love & Rockets), Brett Anderson (Suede), Greg Dulli (Twilight Singers), Psychic TV, Jesus and the Mary Chain, Hawkwind, the Master Musicians of Joujouka, and Faust and/or collaborated with them in the studio and for live performances internationally.

Resident in Los Angeles for over a decade, she relocated to New York City in 2015. This change of perspective reflects in her current musical focus  –  from orchestral strings to voices, and to the emerging area of multisensory music and performance with technology, science and mixed arts.

Ysanne Conducting

Ysanne’s last major project was a collection of music she composed, arranged, recorded and produced for a 44-piece symphony orchestra. This is a short film of her rehearsing the orchestra for one of the compositions.

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Novella (Orchestral Version)

A recording of Ysanne’s original composition with a 44-piece symphony orchestra.

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Surfing Dreams and Chaos

Ysanne’s string composition, with production, additional composition and video by Philip Clemo, and drums by Mark Sanders. Shot on location in Iceland.

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