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Isidore Elias

Brooklyn, NY

Isidore Elias is a playwright, librettist and songwriter whose work has been produced in the US, Canada and Europe. Honors: grants from the BMI Foundation for his musical, I Don’t Do Club Dates (book and lyrics) and the NYS Council on the Arts for his play, Tiger Slayer; commissions from the Royal Carre’ Theatre in Amsterdam for his musical, Move! (book and lyrics) and Cross-the-Pond Productions, London, for his play, Test Tube Baby of Mine; Carbonell nomination for best new work for his musical, The Bialy Sisters (book). Recent productions of his plays include Muffin (Nylon Fusion Theatre, NYC), Jim Silverstein’s Will (Fresh Produc’d, NYC), Willow Grove (Metropolitan Playhouse, NYC) and Goods (The Vortex, NYC). He is currently working on the libretti for two new operas: The Icarus Project (working title) with composer Elliot Sokolov and The Peace with composer Nizan Leibovitch. Past productions of his musicals include Move! (book and lyrics, Royal Carre Theatre, Amsterdam), The Bialy Sisters (book, Actors Playhouse, Miami). As an actor, he was last seen in Simone at American Globe Theatre and Goods (which he also authored) at The Vortex. Performs solo programs of his monologues. Developing a vaudeville act, Bucky and His Friends, for which he is providing book, music and lyrics. Teaches writing for musical theatre at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre/Pregones. Long-term member of the BMI-Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop and an alumnus of the ASCAP Musical Theatre Workshop. Member, The Dramatists Guild.

Lyric: Holding My Own (From the musical Move! (book/lyrics)

Beloved choreographer/dance teacher’s studio in one of the few 2-story buildings in NYC’s theater district is threatened with eviction by real estate mogul intent upon replacing it with a luxury hotel.

Just a little room.
A two by four.
Four walls and a ceiling
On the second floor.
A good wood floor –
Smooth, flat.
I laid it down myself.
I’m very proud of that…

He locks himself in to prevent its demolition.

Holding my own
In my own little war
For these walls and these windows
And this good wood floor.
And the fools I’m fighting it for…

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Cattaraugus Crick, Act II, Scene 1

Excerpt from Cattaraugus Crick (full-length play)
A mature single mother who, in her youth, was a member of a radical organization that committed acts of domestic terror is now living under an assumed name in a small, isolated village in Western New York. Not even her adult daughter knows her true identity. When an inquisitive young woman moves into town and befriends her lonely daughter, her anonymity and close mother/child relationship is threatened and eventually destroyed.

Airport Terminal

One of my monodramas, a favored form I approach musically as well as theatrically. Frequently performed by me and by others.