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Ingrid Stölzel

Lawrence, KS         

Ingrid Stölzel has been hailed “as a composer of considerable gifts” who is “musically confident and bold” by National Public Radio’s classical music critic. Her music has been described as “tender and beautiful” (American Record Guide) and as creating a haunting feeling of lyrical reflection and suspension in time and memory” (Classical-Modern Review). At the heart of her compositions is a belief that music can create a profound emotional connection with the listener.

Stölzel’s compositions are performed in concert halls and festivals worldwide, including the Seoul Arts Center, Merkin Concert Hall, Kennedy Center, the Thailand International Composition Festival, Festival Osmose (Belgium), Vox Feminae Festival (Israel), Festival of New Music at Florida State (USA), Beijing Modern Music Festival (China), Festival of New American Music (USA), and SoundOn Festival of Modern Music (USA). Her music has been awarded in numerous competitions, among them recently the Suzanne and Lee Ettelson Composer’s Award, Red Note Composition Competition, the Robert Avalon International Competition for Composers, and the Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra Competition. Her solo album “The Gorgeous Nothings” was released by Navona Records in July 2018.  Stölzel is on the composition faculty at the University of Kansas. www.ingridstolzel.com

The Voice of the Rain for Flute, Cello and Marimba/Vibraphone

Words are the inspirational seeds for much of the music I compose. “The Voice of the Rain” takes its title and inspiration from Walt Whitman’s poem “The Voice of the Rain” from “Leaves of Grass.” Whitman beautifully describes the world as an everlasting cyclical process of giving birth to itself and giving back life to its own origin.

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The Gorgeous Nothings for Soprano, Flute, Oboe and Piano

“The Gorgeous Nothings” takes its title and inspiration from the facsimile publication of Emily Dickinson’s complete envelope writings edited by Marta L. Werner and Jen Bervin. These beautiful fragments range from completed, self-contained short poems to mere thoughts hastily expressed on scraps of paper. I was drawn to these sketches as they seem to give us a glimpse into Dickinson’s creative process.

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To One Beyond Seas for Soprano, Violin and Piano

When I first encountered the poetry of Mohawk-Canadian poet Emily Pauline Johnson (1861–1913), also known in Mohawk as Tekahionwake, I was moved by her unique and strong poetic voice. “Autumn’s Orchestra,” a suite of ten short verses, is a powerful mediation on nature and life. Throughout the poem, Johnson uses vivid visual and auditory imagery as well as symbolism, which inspired my own musical imagination and became a driving force behind my setting. “To One Beyond Seas” was commissioned by NAVO.

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