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Jack Arts, Inc.

Brooklyn, NY               

Named one of the top music venues in 2015 by New York City Jazz Record, JACK is an OBIE-winning performance venue in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn founded in 2012.  Our mission is to serve as a cultural hub in the area, presenting cutting-edge music, theater and dance performances, expanding access to the arts, bridging audiences and educating youth.  It is our aim to dismantle the barrier between the street and the art inside, creating an inclusive space that feels a part of the neighborhood, not apart from it.

Since opening, JACK has presented 1,000 music, theater, dance and other performances. We have been a home for the work of several new music ensembles including International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), thingNY, Iktus Percussion and Ensemble Pamplemousse as well as for top improvising musicians including saxophonist Evan Parker, trumpeter Peter Evans, bassist William Parker, trumpeter Nate Wooley, guitarist Ava Mendoza, drummer Kojo Roney and guitarist Mary Halvorson. We’ve presented premieres of compositions by Craig Taborn and Cory Smythe, Rick Burkhardt, Merrill Clark and David Smooke (Rhymes with Opera).  Outside curators that put together evenings of music at JACK have included Valerie Kuehne, Imani Uzuri, Michael Foster, Kevin Reilly, Stuart Popejoy, Ron Anderson, Paul Pinto and Sameer Gupta.

In addition to music, we present the very most experimental theater and dance.  Our hope in creating an interdisciplinary space is to cross-pollinate audiences and artists. Many of the theater and dance artists we’ve presented have come to our music concerts and mentioned to us afterwards how inspired they were from these events. Likewise, many of the musicians who have performed in our space have attended our theater or dance performances, on our urging. Already, we’ve seen fruits of these encounters, with a few collaborations in the works between artists of different genres who met through JACK, fulfilling a larger aim of facilitating the movement of these art forms into new and unexpected places.

Iktus Percussion at JACK

Iktus Percussion performs Third Construction (John Cage, 1941).
Performed live June 17, 2013 at the New Music Showdown Vol 2, at JACK.

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Elevator Rose at JACK

Elevator Rose performs:
_van_ (Vasudevan Panicker)
New Music Showdown, Vol 2
Live @ JACK.
June 17, 2013
Adam Forman, Vibraphone and Percussion
Vasudevan Panicker, Piano and Keyboards
Luke Schwartz, Guitar
Fred Trumpy, Drums

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Four Pianos Festival at JACK

Teddy Klausner, Cory Smythe, Brian Marsella and Ron Stabinsky play in the opening performance of JACK’s Four Pianos Festival (www.jackny.org/four-pianos-festival), Dec. 17, 2015.

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