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Jacob Richman

Providence, RI   

Jacob Richman is a multimedia artist, scholar, and educator fascinated by the interconnectedness of things—sounds with images, places with memories, people with the natural world. He combines video, music, and custom-designed multimedia to create performance, installation, and fixed-media pieces that explore these connections that surround us. His work focuses on emerging media technologies, experimental performance practices, site-specific art, and building community through artistic practice.

His work has been performed and screened at venues in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and all around the country. He has presented papers on multimedia art, performance techniques, and audience reception at numerous new media conferences, published articles on site-specific performance practice published at theater journal Howlround, and community art making at New Music USA.

He is co-director of Tenderloin Opera Company, a homeless advocacy music and theater group, and co-directs and plays bass with Verdant Vibes, a Rhode Island-based new music ensemble and concert series.

He lives in Providence, RI with his wife, composer Kirsten Volness, dog Tito, cat Juniper, turtle Terdl, hermit crab Chloë Sevigny, and a bunch of plants. He teaches at the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Rhode Island.

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Articles January 23 2019 | By Jacob Richman
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