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Jai Armmer

Memphis, TN      

Jai Armmer is a New Era Music and Television producer.  Learning the craft of television productions and music at a very early age, Jai began working at Memphis’ #1 News Station at the age of 19. Shortly after he wrote and produced his debut album, while producing Memphis Jookin Vol 1, a reality style documentary on the underground Dance style of Jookin.  With the worldwide success of the Documentary, mixed with Youtube, Jai was a part of the resurgence of the Memphis Jookin style.  Since the resurgence in 2006, Jai has remained 1 of the top players in the Jookin world, assisting as producer of different shows that have been featured on the style.  In present day 2017, Jai manages some of the world’s top dancers, which include Lil Buck.  He also has his hand in several other pots from movies to the creation of Memphis Jookin Performing Arts Center.

Memphis Movement: Memphis Jookin Documentary

The definitive documentary film on the dance style known as Memphis Jookin!

Watch the Award-Winning feature film, featuring top names in the Jookin world like lil Buck, Daniel Price (aka lil Daniel, DP), G Nerd, Dr. Rico, Ladia Yates, Tarrik Moore, Young Jai, Crunchy Black, Al Kapone, and other trailblazers of the Memphis Jookin style! Filmed and revised from 2008-2014.

There is a movement rising from the inner city streets of Memphis TN and taking the dance world by storm. Jookin, (aka gangsta walkin, buckin, choppin,) is an art f

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Choppin Like Dat

Young Jai-“Choppin Like Dat”
Memphis Makeover Album

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