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Jane Rigler


Flutist, composer, improviser and educator Jane Rigler has performed nationally and internationally as a soloist and in ensembles in contemporary music festivals premiering new works and compositions written especially for her. Jane is a specialist of interpreting new music and a composer, as well as an improviser and invited guest in ensembles with leaders like Adam Rudolph, Walter Thompson, Anthony Braxton and Agustí Fernández. She has also worked with improvisational legends like Butch Morris and Peter Kowald.

 She has been granted numerous awards and residencies for her works that center on community building, stretching the boundaries of musical performance and audience interaction. Through her works and her manual The Vocalization of the Flute (demonstrating new and ancient methods of singing-while-playing) she has become known for innovations in flute performance, techniques and musical vocabulary.

 Rigler’s works range from solo acoustic pieces to multi-disciplinary interactive electronic ensemble works. She is deeply committed to the process of collaboration with young artists, other composers, dancers, visual artists and theater artists. In 2009-10, Jane received the Japan United States Friendship Commission Fellowship and has since returned to Japan several times to premiere her sound installations and performance projects. Her website contains more info about her experiences in Japan and other places: http://www.janerigler.com

Currently, Jane is an Assistant Professor of Music in the Visual and Performing Arts Department at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs where she teaches Computer Music, Performance Art, Sound Art and co-teaches Humanities courses with professors from other disciplines. Jane is a Deep Listening© Certificate Holder.

the calling (for flute and electronics) 2013-present

In this work, the flute and live sound processing are threaded together seamlessly to create a dense texture of multiple sonic stories, performed by a single performer on stage. The composer/performer recorded all the sounds from many parts of the world: street vendors in Kyoto, an ancient On-Matsuri festival in Nara, construction sites, coffee shops, the Humpback whales of Alaska as well as glaciers calving are manipulated by the flutist in real-time. This open-structured work reinvents itself in every new performance and recording.

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Mandorla 2-6

This is an unedited, first take of a piccolo improvisation

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multiverse (2015) by Jane Rigler

available on Rarefations (Neuma Records, 2015)

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