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Jay Kreimer

Lincoln, NE      

Kreimer is currently in India on a Fulbright Senior Research fellowship making a documentary about brass, drum, and 12 volt electronics street wedding bands. This wonderfully visible but under-documented music features a range of musicians from the highly accomplished to imposters holding dummy instruments used to fill out the ranks of the orchestras.


In September, Bug Incision (Calgary) released Provincial Stammer, by Seeded Plain, Kreimer’s ongoing project with Bryan Day. Both musicians perform exclusively on instruments they have invented. Seeded Plain has performed throughout the US, Europe and Canada.


With the Mighty Vitamins, Kreimer provided incidental sound for the 2013 NET/PBS documentary “The Healing Machine,” about the outsider artist Emery Blagdon.


July 2013 Kreimer performed Wired for Sound at the First Annual Deep Listening Conference, Renssaelaer NY.


In May 2013, Kreimer curated Hammer, Anvil, Stirrup: People Make Things that Make Sound, an exhibition of invented instruments at the Lux Gallery in Lincoln Nebraska. Critic Kent Wolgamott, described it as “the most fun show that’s going to be in Lincoln in 2013,” and the only show he’d ever attended that came with a cd of the artists playing their artwork.


In 2011, Kreimer’s instrument/sound sculpture Tallboy was a finalist in the international Guthman musical instrument invention competition at Georgia Tech.


Kreimer is a member of the Deep Listening national advisory board.


Over the past 15 years Kreimer has collaborated frequently with textile artist Wendy Weiss, providing sound, video, and sculptural components to large scale installations throughout the US, as well as shows in Vancouver and Beijing. He has also collaborated frequently with the painter Michael Burton, providing sound scores for animations.


Kreimer has toured widely, performing on his invented instruments and computer configurations. He has composed and performed a series of audience interactive computer compositions, notably in the last three Soundwave series in San Francisco. Recent compositions use biosensors attached to audience members to trigger flexibly responsive computer based sound sources. Born Wired and Wired for Sound generate sound by tracking changes in galvanic skin response as participants engage in mildly emotionally challenging exchanges. Kreimer will be performing summer 2014 in the Soundwave series Water.


The Fulbright supported documentary on Indian wedding bands should see completion in the spring of 2014. Additional projects, separate from the Fulbright but India based, including an album of collaborations with an international group of musicians layering tracks over field recordings, and a series of images provided by Kreimer but executed by Indian sign painters should reach completion at approximately the same time.