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John Lindberg

Battle Creek, MI   

John commenced his full-time professional career at age sixteen, allowing for total immersion into his work as a performer/composer, subsequently being mentored by the late great bassist David Izenzon.

The first public performances of his ensemble compositions began in 1975, and in 1980 he recorded his first album focused on his original music, a collection of works for solo double bass, Comin’ & Goin’.

 Over the last forty-one years he has traveled the globe performing thousands of concerts of creative music, in thirty-six countries on five continents. He has released myriad albums — over one hundred – that spotlight his original compositions for a variety of jazz ensembles, and feature his singularly identifiable bass playing.

His extended works for chamber ensembles combined with improvising artists have been widely commissioned, including works for The Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, New York Chamber Ensemble, and Neues Kolner Streichquartett. His catalogue contains over one hundred and fifty published works.

 He is renowned as an ensemble leader, a collaborator in special duet settings, a solo double bass performer, and as co-founder of the String Trio of New York with Billy Bang and James Emery. He has worked with a plethora of luminary creative artists, including: Albert Mangelsdorff, Ed Thigpen, Eric Watson, Louis Sclavis, Human Arts Ensemble, Frank Lowe, Wadada Leo Smith, Susie Ibarra, Karl Berger, Anthony Braxton, Andrew Cyrille, Dave Douglas, John Carter, Henry Threadgill, Jack DeJohnette, Regina Carter, Jimmy Lyons, Sunny Murray, Roswell Rudd, Mary Redhouse, Pablo Calogero, Joe LaBarbera, Wendell Harrison, and Kevin Norton.

 His work as a producer of numerous recordings, and of powerful cross-genre projects — such as JazzHopRevolution and BLOB — is well established, as is his ongoing work as an educator with a distinctly unique message.

 Awards and fellowships in support of his work include those from New Music USA, National Endowment for the Arts, New York Foundation for the Arts, Chamber Music America, ASCAP, Arts International, Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Cary Charitable Trust, New York State Council on the Arts, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, Meet The Composer, and a Diploma de Honor from Gobernacion Cordillera, Chile.

 Of late, John’s disparate extra-musical activities — which include a stint as a community rescue squad ambulance driver, serving as general contractor for a cabin built with carpenter friends in South Dakota, and being engaged as an observational naturalist — have significantly informed his work as a composer and musician.

 His most recent recordings that feature his compositions include the duet with Wadada Leo Smith, Celestial Weather, the duet with cellist Anil Eraslan, Juggling Kukla (released as a limited edition of 300 vinyl LPs), and John Lindberg’s TriPolar,[a]live at Roulette, NYC.

Released in September, 2016 on Clean Feed Records are two new albums:

John Lindberg BC3, Born in an Urban Ruin
John Lindberg Raptor Trio, Western Edges

Bass Walk

This excerpt is from the twenty minute short-film, Bass Walk, released by LindyEditions (2007).
The film was written, directed, produced and narrated by John and features his original music. It uses a compilation of archival footage and recently shot images.
This opening footage captures particular moods and concepts of the artist while illuminating his performance in the context of a school workshop in France.

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Send Off

This is a live recording of the solo double bass work, which was released on the album John Lindberg’s TriPolar, (a)live at Roulette, NYC, Jazzwerkstatt Records (2011).
This work was written as a musical eulogy for the composer’s father, being first performed at his funeral. This version is a particularly striking one, showing the versatility of the performer while capturing his unique sound and emotional quality of the work, which strongly draws in the listening audience.
* 2-3 minute select section 0’00 – 2’55”

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This excerpt highlights another aspect of John’s work as a bass soloist, this time from within his composition Skip, for soprano saxophone and drums/vibraphone, which is also featured on John Lindberg’s TriPolar album.
The bouncy, skipping along quality utilized here shows a brightness and
and positivity that is an integral part of the artist’s work, and often proves infectious to a variety of audience types.
The drum accompaniment here is by the stellar Kevin Norton, who provides a wonderful foundation for this musical narrative.

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