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Jeff Boynton

LOS ANGELES, CA         

Jeff is a DIY artist/musician living in Los Angeles.

He studied Theory and Composition, and Electronic Music at Northern Illinois

University from 1974-77.  He joined I.R.S. Records recording artist Wazmo Nariz in 1978 as keyboardist, which toured the United States and Europe both as headliner, and in support of such groups as The Police, Devo, XTC and the B-52s. The band was dissolved in 1981. 

In 1993, Jeff composed music for “Super Illusion”, which toured 11 cities throughout Japan with the Bolshoi Circus from Moscow, Russia.

In 2004, he began to explore "circuit bending", which is the art of opening up electronic sound generating devices and intentionally short-circuiting points on their circuit boards in search of interesting and perhaps never-before-heard sounds. Jeff has developed a prestigious international reputation in this field. The sounds generated by his devices have been used in compositions and live performances, including several collaborations with choreographer Rudy Perez. The first of these was “Double Play”  (2004) The next was “Double Play Revisited”, performed at the REDCAT Theater in the Walt Disney Concert Hall complex in downtown Los Angeles, as part of the NOW Festival. Jeff currently performs as part of "Circuitry And Poetry" with wife Mona Jean Cedar, a dancer, poet and sign language interpreter. They performed "Bent Haiku" at the REDCAT Theater in 2007 in which he created a sonic backdrop using his circuit bent instruments over which Ms. Cedar performed original poetry while simultaneously interpreting it with dance and sign language. Jeff performs regularly  with his circuit bent instruments, both in a solo capacity and in ensembles.


“SFX” is a piece assembled using the technique of musique concrète. The sounds are derived completely from the popular Elektra Records’ “Sound Effects” series LPs originally released in the 1960s. “SFX” is a standard abbreviation for “sound effects”in the audio and film industries.

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Excerpt from live performance, Daniel Hall, California State University Long Beach Oct. 9, 2009

Jeff Boynton performs a live circuit bending set with cello.

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