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Jon Anderson

Detroit, MI   

Jon Anderson’s music has been described as “haunting,” mixing “electronic beats” with a “cocky melange of aggression and tongue-in-cheek humor.” He writes a variety of music for traditional acoustic ensembles such as orchestra, band, and chamber groups, as well as less traditional ensembles involving interactive computer music, which frequently incorporates physical movement and dance as structural elements. Having won awards from institutions such as the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, SCI/ASCAP, and the Pierre Schaefer International Competition of Computer Music, his works have been commissioned and performed by orchestras, ensembles, and soloists throughout the world. Anderson teaches music theory and composition at Wayne State University and is the resident composer for the modern dance company Take Root Dance. Anderson holds degrees in composition from The University of North Texas, The University of North Carolina at Greensbroro, and Luther College. 


Lati is an acousmatic, fixed media study derived from samples of acoustic string bass performed by Charles Paul. We utilized a variety of FFT processing in Max/MSP to construct a sonic environment in which all counterpoint consists of the processed bass.

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Juliet – for orchestra

As part of an evening celebrating Romeo & Juliet orchestral music, “Juliet” was commissioned by Kypros Markou and the Wayne State University Symphony Orchestra to follow Michael Gordon’s “Romeo.” This work was inspired by two incarnations of Juliet.he first is depicted in Joseph Wright of Derby’s 1790 painting “Romeo and Juliet: the Tomb Scene.”The second is astronomic, specifically one of the inner moons of planet Uranus. Juliet, first discovered by Voyager 2 in 1986, was initially designated S/1986U2.

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Composed for Take Root Dance Company. Based on the short story “Ink” by Kathleen Pfeiffer. Performed at the Hamlin Park Field House, Chicago, IL.
Movement 1: 0:00 (adagio, uses an extreme time shifting of Pfeiffer’s vocal inflections to provide all pitch material)
Movement 2: 11:30 (allegro)

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