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Jean Carla Rodea

Brooklyn , NY      

Jean Carla Rodea is a Brooklyn based vocalist, interdisciplinary artist, and educator, born and raised in Mexico City. She is dedicated to perform a plethora of music in a variety of settings -from solo to large ensembles. She has performed and recorded with Darius Jones’ vocal quartet Elizabeth-Caroline Unit, Gerald Cleaver’s Uncle June and NiMbNl quintet, Anthony Braxton’s Syntactical Ghost Trance Music Choir. In addition to this, she leads her own projects: AZARES, trio=tres nube. Jean Carla has worked with William Parker, Patricia Nicholson, Rachel Bersen, Taylor Ho-Bynum, Joe Morris, Stephen Haynes, and Shelley Hirsch.

Some important performances:

Elizabeth-Caroline Unit at Carnegie Hall, Azares at the Vision Festival, Improvisations at Real Art Ways.