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Jenna Lyle

Chicago, IL   

An active composer, performer, installation-builder, and administrator, Jenna Lyle has worked with various ensembles and specialized in the performance of works by living composers. She has presented her own works as well as those of her colleagues throughout the U.S. and abroad, with performances recently by Chicago’s Spektral Quartet, Mocrep, Northwestern University’s Contemporary Music Ensemble, Loadbang, and The Riot Ensemble, of London. Her artistic concerns are rooted in the unification of physicality with the creative process for the sake of immediacy, complexity of expression, and intimate exchange. Jenna is also co-founder and co-administrator of Parlour Tapes+, a New Music cassette tape label and media/performance collective based in Chicago. She holds degrees in composition from Northwestern University (DMA), Cleveland State University (MM), and Birmingham-Southern College (BM) and curates and coordinates programming at The Arts Club of Chicago as Programs Manager.

As an artist, Lyle explores how the physical body, and in turn the culture in which it functions, adapts to its semiotic or “data-based” representation. Magnifying the relationship between sonic output and physical process and separating it from the second nature, she often places performers in physical arrangements that force a heightened awareness of body while they execute a set of instructions for sound production. Performer configurations may highlight interpersonal dynamics, the connection between a sonic object and movement, or the production of sound as contingent upon the perception of one’s own bodily processes, among other things. As a result, movement and corpus become increasingly significant as musical material, fueling a discourse of movement as motive in Lyle’s work.

Among her accolades are Grand Prize in the David Walter Composition Competition for double bass, participation as a composer fellow in the Wellesley Composers’ Conference, Nomination for the 3Arts Award in Music, and participation in Just Beyond Our Instruments is The World, a workshop at the Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt with Mocrep and Steven Takasugi.

How to Accidentally Kill a Crow (2013)

for Chamber Orchestra
Performed by Northwestern University’s Contemporary Music Ensemble
Conducted by Chris Ramaekers

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By/Of is a large scale work for live electronics, mobile lighting, projection and amplified room, floor, and movement artists. In it, Composer/Performer Jenna Lyle and her collaborators explore the remembrance of architectural shape and the experience of space as integral to one’s perception of self in space and community. A site-specific project based on environment, contact, closeness, and the sound of sculptural movement, the work’s vocal/movement language and dramatic underpinning convey a narrative of community and decay.

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Empies (2015)

Quartet for Baritone, Bb Trumpet, Bass Clarinet, and Trombone
Performed by Loadbang

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