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Jing Jing LUO


Luo studied composition at the Conservatory of Music in Shanghai and piano performance and earned her B.A.,(1975-79).  She then studied at the New England Conservatory of music where she earned her M.A. (1984-87). She earned her Ph.D in composition at Stony Brook University (1993).

Among her many honors and awards are a composer residency award from the Rockefeller Foundation at Bellagio Conference Center (2011). A commissioning award from the Koussevitzky Music Foundation (2006). A Third Prize Winner in the International Composers Competition for Orchestra Works with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in Canada (2001). Her consecutive ASCAP awards from 1994-2011, and she won six Individual Artist Fellowships from Ohio Arts Council from 1991-1998. She was the winner In the Music From China International Composers competition for Traditional Chinese Instruments Competition in 1999. A Third Prize winner for her work “No Home to Return”in the Chinese Overseas Composer Competition in 1996. Her work “The Spell”won the Walter Hinrichsen Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1996. Luo’s “Chinese Requiem” won the first prize in Dale Warland Singer’s Reading competition in 1995. She also earned a Third Prize in the Fanney Mendelssohn International Women Composers Competition in Germnay in 1993. 

Her music can be heard in Canada, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, England, Greece, Israel, Japan, China, Mexico, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Her music is published by the China National Publishing House, C.F. Peters, New World Records, INNOVA, Innocent Eyes & Lenses, Subito Music Corp.

Luo was invited to teach music composition as a Visiting Composer and Professor by the Oberlin Conservaotry of Music in 2001 and 2004. In addition, she has lectured by invitation worldwide.

Her upcoming world premieres include “Spirare Potes Spirare” for flute and cello by the international stars  Claire Chase and Katinka Kliejin in June 15, 2014 in Chicago.


Spirare potes spirare

SPIRARE is an homage to my dear friend Jocelyn Chang, Cleveland Chamber Symphony harpist who died of lung cancer on Thanksgiving Day 2011. In agonized gestures, twisting and crackling sounds, and intense silences the music gives voice to the physical and emotional pain I felt Jocelyn was experiencing in the same months I was writing SPIRARE. Towards the end, the players repeat the Latin words:”Potes, Spirare, potes, Spirare…” (“You can breath, you can breath…”). Finally, the airy music at the very end evokes Jocelyn’s laughter and beautiful spi

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Die Verfolgung

The queen bee tries to rest… (section one—taking rest)
But all drones keep pursuing her… (section two—pursuing)
The queen gets mad (section three—emotional disturbing)
Blows a long, hard breath… (continue from the section three)
All the drones vanish…(section four—vanishing)

Upon request, die Verfolgune is written in the manner of 140 characters in tweeter rules. It consists of 28 measures, one beat (as a quarter note) equals one note, five beats per measure, a total 140 beats equals 140 notes.

Die Verfolgune —-is written

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A Song of Unending Sorrow

I was commissioned to write a work for voice and solo guitar by Nancy King and Robert Nathanson in 2005. It is a three movement setting in two acts for soprano and guitar of a long narrative poem by the Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi (772-846 AD) translated in Witter Bynner’s The Jade Mountain (Vintage Books, 1972). The poem recounts the story of the Tang Emperor’s love for one extraordinary beautiful concubine. Here is a short excerpt from the performance.

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