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Jose Luis de la Paz

Miami, FL            

Jose Luis de la Paz (Ceuta, Spain – 1967)

Composer, virtuoso and performer, Jose Luis is recognized in all the disciplines of the Flamenco Art; his compositions range from the traditional up to the most experimental forms in flamenco music.

He appeared in Felix Grande’s book Agenda Flamenca (1995) as one of the best flamenco guitarists. He was composer and Musical Director for the Ballet Cristina Hoyos (1998-2004).

While his practice is rooted in the traditional flamenco, Jose Luis’ work goes far and beyond the flamenco parameters, his music cannot be just labeled as flamenco, but as world music, this can be seen in one of his latest collaborations with the composer Colin Farish on his work “East of the Evening Star”.

Jose Luis is an outstanding artist. His commitment to his practice, his profound knowledge of the tradition and the roots combined with the desire for research and experimentation, and his contemporary approach to flamenco music, gives Jose Luis a powerful potential to be considered as one of the best guitarists of today.

He moved to the US in 2011 and started to expand his work to new audiences and spaces.

Between 2011 and 2015 he presented The History House in collaboration with Niurca Márquez (choreographer), Resonances with Gustavo Matamoros (electronics), Niurca Márquez (choreography) and Bistoury Physical Theater (film) and Ladino Meets Latino in collaboration with Susana Behar (singer).

From 2015-17 he participated in Amor Brujo by LA Phil and Gustavo Dudamel with artistic direction by Siudy Garrido, Concierto de Aranjuez by J. Rodrigo and was nominated for the US Artist Fellowship.

Jose Luis has collaborated as guitarist and composer on the albums Tapiz by Susana Behar (singer) and Eastwind of the Evening Star by Colin Farish (pianist-composer).

Being a US Artist Fellowship nominated 2017, in recent years, he has created a new classic work entitled Avalon, Suite for Flamenco Guitar and Orchestra (arrangements by Alex Conde), Toda Ciencia Trascendiendo (About Mystic Poetry), Ensemble (New World-Flamenco Trio) and is composing the soundtrack of the film Finding Compas, by Kathy Douglas.


• Andalusí (1987)

• Compilation Select (2002)

• 10X1 (Grammy Awards Finalist 2011)

• Escenas de Yerma (2016)


      Jose Luis playing different fragments in concert.

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      Live Promo

      Fragments of Live concerts by Jose Luis de la Paz Ensemble

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      La Fuente Vieja (seguiriya)

      Suite for Flamenco Guitar and Orchestra (fragment)

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