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Joe W. Moore III

Brownsville, TX         

Dr. Joe W. Moore, III currently serves as Assistant Professor of Percussion at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Prior to this, he served as Director of Percussion Studies at the University of Texas at Brownsville. In 2013, he served as sabbatical replacement for Dr. Brett Dietz at Louisiana State University. Moore received the Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Central Florida, the Master of Music degree from the University of South Carolina, and the Doctor of Musical Arts degree with a minor in composition from Louisiana State University. His primary percussion teachers include Jeff Moore, Kirk Gay, Scott Herring, Jim Hall, Brett Dietz and Troy Davis. His composition teachers include Jay Batzner, Brett Dietz, and Dinos Constantinides.                                     
Active as a soloist and chamber musician, Moore regularly performs as a member of the Omojo Percussion Duo and the Black sheep Percussion Quartet. Most recently, the Omojo Percussion Duo performed as featured artists at the 2nd Annual Brownsville Marimba Festival. Moore was also featured as a soloist with the Rio Bravo Percussion Ensemble during their showcase performance at the 2015 Texas Music Educators Association Convention. In 2008, he performed in Ukemerge and Kaunas Lithuania as a soloist with the UCF Percussion Ensemble during the Ukemerge Annual Percussion Festival. Dr. Moore has also held performing positions at Walt Disney World, as a sub-list member of the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra, and as a member of the Rhythm -N- Blue Drum Line for the Orlando Magic NBA team.

In addition to teaching and performing, Dr. Moore also extends himself as a composer. Moore’s music has been performed across the United States and Brazil. His works have been performed by several university performing ensembles across the United States, some of which include the Rio Bravo Percussion Ensemble, Hamiruge – The LSU Percussion Group, the University of South Carolina Percussion Ensemble, the Kansas State University Percussion Ensemble, the University of Central Florida Percussion Ensemble, as well as several other university and high school ensembles. Most recently, he composed the obligatory marimba solo entitled “Halley’s Comet,” for the I CONCURSO PARA MARIMBA MAESTRO ZEFERINO NANDAYAPA held in Paraíba Brazil in June 2015. His work, “juNO” was recently featured in Rhythm! Scene – the official newsletter of the Percussive Arts Society. C. Alan Publications and Innovative Percussion Publications publish Dr. Moore’s music. He also self-publishes many of his own manuscripts, which can be found at www.joewmooreiii.net.

Secrets We Keep

“Secrets We Keep” is a four movement work for percussion duet. The inspiration of this work comes from the secret truths we all have but don’t always share. Each movement is individually titled; I. whispering – speaking under your breath, II. concealing – hidden agenda, III. withholding – half truths, IV. revealing – coming to light. Ultimately my goal was to write an intimate work of art that both the performers and the audience would enjoy on stage and in their seats, respectively. For ordering information, please contact joewmoore3@gmail.com

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Halley’s Comet

Halley’s Comet was composed in the summer of 2015 as the obligatory piece for the I CONCURSO PARA MARIMBA MAESTRO ZEFERINO NANDAYAPA held in Paraíba Brazil. The title of the work comes from a periodic comet that orbits the sun and was discovered by English astronomer, Edmond Halley. Halley’s comet is visible from Earth every 75-76 years and was seen in 1986, my birth year. My goal was to sonically portray, on marimba, the brief visible beauty of the comet. I hope you enjoy Halley’s Comet! visit http://c-alanpublications.com/ to purchase a copy.

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No wind, no rain, just a subtle mist.

No wind, no rain, just a subtle mist. is a work for prepared vibraphone that was commissioned by:
Daniel Heagney – Project Organizer
Justin Alexander
Shelby Blezinger
David Carroll
Chris Davis
Timothy Feerst
Oliver Molina
Luis Rivera
Timothy Shuster
Jude Traxler
Samuel Trevathan

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