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John Wineglass

Monterey, CA         

John Christopher Wineglass, B.M., M.A. ®EMMY Award-Winning Composer



Winner of multiple ® Emmy Awards and seven nominations for his music, John has performed on five continents, before every U.S. president since Ronald Reagan and regaled numerous world leaders including the former King Hussein of Jordan and Chancellor Mikhail Gorbachev of the Soviet Union. In mainstream genres, John has worked with several ®Oscar and ®Grammy-Award Winning artists, including Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Jamie Foxx to name a few.

A concert review in the Washington Post described his last commission at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Concert Hall as having ‘iridescent colors in the world premiere of a beautifully crafted suite’ while Marvin Hamlisch congratulated the occasion by commenting ‘… with a name like Wineglass, it had to be good.’

John received his Bachelor of Music degree in Music Composition with a minor in Viola Performance at The American University and later received his master’s degree in Music Composition: Film Scoring for Motion Pictures, Television and Multi-Media at New York University, studying with Justin Dello-Joio of the Juilliard School. His passion for music has also led him to develop proficiency as a gospel and contemporary jazz pianist.

He has written several scores for shows on MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC as well as documentaries on Headliners & Legends with Matt Lauer for The Brady Bunch, Kathy Lee Gifford and Farah Fawcett. Having scored mainly independent films, several of his nationally syndicated commercials include music for the United States Army, American Red Cross and Texaco as well.

As a recipient of three (two consecutive) ®Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition for a Drama Series, and three ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards, Mr. Wineglass holds seven ®EMMY nominations to date.

In 2014, John was also responsible for all of the string arrangements and performs w/the electric violin on the newly released ©GRAMMY-nominated gospel album and DVD Withholding Nothing (LIVE) by William McDowell. He also finished arrangements on MOTOWN’s latest Christmas album in 25 years featuring award-wining artists like Indie Arie, Smokie Robinson and Gregory Porter.   

As of 2015, Mr. Wineglass served as a composer-in-residence with the Big Sur Land Trust resulting in a symphonic tone poem based on the writings of Robinson Jeffers (one of three notable poets in the Monterey area amongst Steinbeck and Masten) entitled “BIG SUR: The NIght Sun” which will receive a world premiere in the opening season 2016-17 of the Monterey Symphony conducted by Maestro Max Bragado-Darman. This community tribute marks the 100th anniversary of the city of Carmel, CA and the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare.  

Someone Else’s Child for Narration and Orchestra – mvt. 3

Someone Else’s Child for Narration and Orchestra (2012)

[Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music 50th Anniversary conducted by Maestra Marin Alsop – World Premier]

This work is a symphonic poem describing the life and thoughts of incarcerated youth in America today. Specifically using text from a select number of poems of The Beat Within – a weekly publication of writing and art from kids in the juvenile detention halls of Santa Cruz, CA.

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Death of A Princess Trio No.1 for Piano, Violin & Cello – mvt. 3

“Death of A Princess” Trio No.1 for Piano, Violin & Cello (2011)

[Music in May Festival premiere w/Amy Yang (piano), Danielle Cho (cello) and Rebecca Jackson (violin)

It was August 31st, 1997. I had just settled into my New York City apartment to start my graduate composition studies when the tragic death of Diane, Princess of Wales, was announced to the world. The grief of her demise came to me immediately in the form of a dark, ascending, angular 7-note tone row programmatically indicative of her sudden and mystical departure.

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Portraits of A Theme

Predicated on a theme that I wrote for the WB show, “Smallville” under the tutelage of the original composer and friend Mark Snow, this theme which is indicative of the young early rocky life of the superhero Superman is full of twists and turns as different aspects of the theme are explored in mini ‘portraits’. The inversion and retrograde inversions of the thematic material are intersperse throughout this work with intricate counter-rhythms that play off of one another in the winds. I extended the cue into a full-blown overture for orchestra

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