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San Francisco/Oakland, CA   

IN/S - is an investigative art project started in 2012 by John Davis and Collin McKelvey, incorporating field-sound and image recordings for use in live performance and studio work.

Sound recordings are transferred directly to magnetic tape for use within looping systems that serve as the duo’s primary instruments for musical expression, while also enabling the creation of spatial effects through multi-channel sound reinforcement. The artifacts and signal degradations inherent in the tape medium provide a measure of chance and unpredictability that underpins both artists interest in improvisation and unconventional approaches to music composition.

In addition to phonography, the duo utilizes lens-based tools to document both the natural world and human activity, including 16mm film, video and photography. The visual documents serve to contextualize and reinforce the research aspects of the project.

Collin McKelvey - is a San Francisco based artist working with sound and video to create site specific performances. McKelvey has shown work at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, Southern Exposure, Royal Nonesuch Gallery, ATA, Human Resources, The Lab, Guerrero Gallery, the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, The Geffen Center at MOCA and other artist spaces throughout the United States.

John Davis - is a California-based visual artist and musician combining a background in cultural anthropology and art. His current work builds on the transcendental qualities of experimental film, while expanding the relationship between moving image and sound through live performance, collaboration, experimentation and improvisation.

John has recently collaborated with filmmakers Lawrence Jordan, Craig Baldwin, Paul Clipson and Kerry Laitala, among others, and also makes studio-based music for film soundtracks and commercial release, working primarily with phonography, magnetic tape devices, electronic music circuits and various stringed instruments. He completed the soundtracks to four recent films by Lawrence Jordan; "Cosmic Alchemy" and "Solar Sight" parts I, II and III, and he’s done music videos for Barn Owl, Bryter Layter and Aquarelle. John’s music has been released on the Peasant Magik, Root Strata, Digitalis and Student’s of Decay labels.