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Joo Won Park

Detroit, MI         

Joo Won Park (joowonpark.net) loves to create music that makes people laugh like a mad scientist. He performs live with toys, consumer electronics, vegetables, and other non-musical objects by digitally processing their sounds. He also makes pieces with field recordings, sine waves, and any other sources that he can record or synthesize. Joo Won draws inspirations from swamps, skyscrapers, his two sons, and different soundscapes surrounding him. He has studied at Berklee College of Music and the University of Florida. Joo Won’s music and writings are available on ICMC DVD, Spectrum Press, MIT Press,  PARMA, SEAMUS, and NoRemixes. His recent project at www.100strangesounds.com consists of 100 videos of original live electronic music, currently reaching a total of around 200,000 views on Youtube.

Reviews of Joo Won’s Music:

“In the hands of Philadelphia-based Joo Won Park, the no-input mixer is less a matter of singing than full-on, tantrum-level glossolalia, a heavy gurgle of electric fissues. Park’s ‘October 1402’ (for no-input mixer and computer) … at times sounds like an arcade game on its last legs, and at others like freakazoid hardcore free jazz improvisation.” — Disquiet, October 2013 

“Joo Won Park is a rising star among modern composers. He produces music by recording everyday sounds as well as some more unusual ones and designing his own instruments from these sounds, using specialized programs to process the sounds via computer. Some of the programs are so specialized, in fact, that he codes them himself, line by line. It is a painstaking process, but one that yields spectacular results.”  — Pathways Magazine, October 2010

“Both in terms of manipulating sound, and simply using sound, Joo Won Park is fantastically talented, and it is apparent in every second, with every subtle change, with every click and swirl of this piece. With each phase, each time one texture moves into the next, one is certain that it could have occurred in no other way. Beautiful.”  — Asymmetry Magazine, April 2010

PS Quartet No. 1 (2017)

Music for Sony DualShock 4 Controllers and computer.
Composed by Joo Won Park
Performed and recorded by EMEWS (Electronic Music Ensemble of Wayne State) on Dec 2017

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Kid Adult Musical

Kid Adult Musical is a father-son noise duo. The father is 33 years old, and the son is 4 years old. We make horrifying music adorable.

Father : no-input mixer (http://youtu.be/DNx2m9Y4Weo)
Son : analog synth (http://youtu.be/FuB6Xs2eldE)
Recorded on March 2014

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Armor+2 for clarinet and computer

In Armor+2, the interactive computer part acts as an extension of the clarinet. it adds harmony, extends melodic phrase, and creates rhythmic accompaniment that are difficult/impossible for a human accompaniment. The computer part’s role is similar to that of a rare enchanted item in a role-playing game.

Clarinet: Giovanni Bertoni
Recorded at the TIMARA Studio (Sep 2015)

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