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Jordan Morley

Brooklyn, NY   

Jordan Morley is a skinny man with a wide imagination. He works in the field of the body. Creating performance through dance, video, text and puppetry. His work has been shown around the world. Highlights include REDCAT (Los Angeles, CA), Baryshnikov Arts Center (New York, NY), STUFFED at Judson Church/Bailout Theater (New York, NY), Triskelion Arts (Brooklyn, NY), and Uferstudios (Berlin, DE). As a dancer he was a member of the original cast of Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More (London, UK/Boston,MA/New York,NY), and has worked with Christopher Williams Dance, Ron De Jesus Dance, Wanda Gala, Mira Kingsley, Alexandria Yalj, Jessica Mitrani, Phantom Limb Puppet Company, and Danielle Desnoyers (Montreal,QC). Currently he is working with MacArthur winner Kyle Abraham/Abraham In Motion, the super  awesome Keely Garfield, the inventive Amber Sloan, and the lovely Tiffany Mills Company. www.jordanmorley.com

Thrown- Excerpt archival recording.

Thrown was an exploration into reusing common materials. Plastic is a material creating by humans that has evolved into a common place thing. Working with found footage and editing it down the viewer goes on a journey to find common links between organism to childhood through being an adult. How our perception of ourselves and others changes over time. Using a movement based score I was allowed to create a framework for a dance that follows a similar path. How does one move if their hands are not made yet? What is it to teach movement/patterns?

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195 – 5min excerpt

195 is a full length work exploring sci-fi and alien movie genres through movement. Dealing with possession and pop as a means to communicate human understanding. In an age where connections seem key but actual human interaction is getting stranger by the minute. We become more than our selves through digital means. What happens when we let go? Or forget to respond? Sometimes humorous, sometimes horrifying but always physical the work looks toward asking some of these questions.

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Archival Early Workshop Footage – Snow

This was an initial workshop of “Snow” a new multimedia performance work centered around retelling Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen”

In this section we encounter Kai and The Snow Queen. This is Kai’s first meeting with the snow queen when he attaches himself to her sled. The male dancer will be wearing a belt around his waist with a long retractable cord tethering him to a king sized sleigh bed frame which will be lit from the bottom. The following duet will then happen inside this bed frame.

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