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Karl Ronneburg

New York, NY      

Karl Ronneburg is a composer, percussionist, and multimedia/performance artist based in New York City. Winner of the University of Michigan’s Brehm Prize for Composition and the Mannes College of Music’s Dean’s Award, Karl has worked with artists and companies including Radiolab, Meredith Monk, Sō Percussion, and New Music Detroit. He is a co-founder of Fifth Wall Performing arts and a teaching artist with the nonprofit Musicambia and Seattle’s Vivace! Chamber Players. He additionally works in Carnegie Hall’s Education Wing, facilitating events and performing with their LinkUp Orchestra. His work has been played by bell towers, rock bands, orchestras, arcade machines, and people dressed in squirrel costume, among others.

NewMusicBox Articles

NewMusicBox October 27 2020 | By Karl Ronneburg
On Performing Fluxus in 2020

Spring rolls around, the world shelters-in-place, and life as we know it is over. How can Fluxus address this?