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Kelley Sheehan

Chicago, IL   

Chicago-based composer and computer musician moving between acoustic, electronic, electro-acoustic, and performance art works. In all mediums her work is focused on interaction, electronics, and noise.

co-Artistic director and editor at Cacophony Magazine

co-Curator and member of Noise Bias, a contemporary chamber ensemble.

co-Founder of  The Plucky Plunkers, a duo focused on improvisation involving both electronics and toy pianos.

​Recent Festivals + Residencies: Nominated for the Gaudeamus Award 2019, 2019 National Composer Intensive, MISE-EN Place Bushwick Residency, Composition Fellow at Nief- Norf Summer Festival, Composer-in-Residence at EQ: Evolution of the String Quartet at Banff,  International Toy Piano Festival Artist-in-Residency. 

Circle Speak

Improvisation using a children’s maze toy interfaced with arduino + max msp. The movement of the maze controls the resulting audio. Solve the maze toy to finish the piece.

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Talk Circus

In Talk Circus using percussive instruments, contact microphones, and a no-input mixer (NiPM) a new sound world, or “machine” emerges. Through this machine, intrinsic bonds between instrument and lo-fi electronics are formed.

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