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Kelly Hiser

Pittsburgh, PA      

Kelly Hiser is co-founder and CEO of Rabble, a startup dedicated to empowering libraries to support and sustain their local creative communities. Kelly holds a Ph.D. in music history from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a historian she focuses on gender, race, music, and technology; as an entrepreneur and executive she works at the intersections of technology, the arts and humanities, and the public good.

NewMusicBox Articles

Articles February 14 2019 | By Kelly Hiser
“Splendid Sonority and Vivid Expressiveness”: The Theremin before Sci-Fi

Years before Hollywood cemented the theremin’s association with the alien or otherworldly, critics heard different qualities in its sonority: emotional expressiveness and excessive sentimentality.

Articles February 7 2019 | By Kelly Hiser
“Underground” Electronic Music

This week, Kelly Hiser begins a tour of encounters between audiences and new electronic sounds with a look back at the Telharmonium, installed in New York City from 1906 to...