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Kelly Hiser

Pittsburgh, PA      

Kelly Hiser is co-founder and CEO of Rabble, a startup dedicated to empowering libraries to support and sustain their local creative communities. Kelly holds a Ph.D. in music history from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a historian she focuses on gender, race, music, and technology; as an entrepreneur and executive she works at the intersections of technology, the arts and humanities, and the public good.

NewMusicBox Articles

Articles February 28 2019 | By Kelly Hiser
The Voice in the Machine

Our inclination to hear the human in the machine is far from new. Technology is as old as humanity. Perhaps we have always seen—and heard—ourselves in our tools.

Articles February 21 2019 | By Kelly Hiser
“Hearing” the Hammond Organ

The Hammond Organ became an immediate success when it hit the market in April 1935 and had a major impact on the soundscape of both popular and religious musical life...

Articles February 14 2019 | By Kelly Hiser
“Splendid Sonority and Vivid Expressiveness”: The Theremin before Sci-Fi

Years before Hollywood cemented the theremin’s association with the alien or otherworldly, critics heard different qualities in its sonority: emotional expressiveness and excessive sentimentality.

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