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Kenzie Slottow

Austin, TX         

Kenzie Slottow is an Austin-based flautist, composer, and recovering perfectionist. During her education as a classical flautist (BM University of Michigan, MM University of Texas), she explored Irish, Hindustani, and bluegrass music, and later incorporated beatboxing and looping into her musical toolkit. After discovering dancing violinist Lindsey Stirling in 2014, Kenzie wrote and released an EP of original music for flute and electronics “Hold It Up To The Sun,” choreographing three of the songs with New York-based contemporary breakdancer Yuki Ishiguro. She has co-written music for flute and guitar and flute and marimba with some of her favorite collaborators, and since 2018 has begun exploring composition for instruments other than her own.

As a flautist and proponent of contemporary electronic music, Kenzie has collaborated with electroacoustic composers and premiered works at conferences such as SEAMUS and LATex composition conferences, the National Flute Association Convention, and Root Signals Electronic Music Festival. She currently plays with Austin-based modern folk band FlecHaus, a group comprised of members from a variety of musical influences that explores themes of impermanence, science, and the psychology of emotion. Kenzie identifies as a storyteller, thriving on opportunities to combine art forms and diverse media to create narratives. Some of her favorite past projects include flute and acting improv with immersive dance theater company NunaMaana, choreographed solo performances of Kay He’s On The Axis of an Abandoned Carousel, and performing with the Kruger Brothers on their bluegrass chamber opera, Spirit of the Rockies. Her most out-of-the-box project beginning in 2019 has been leading large ensemble conducted improvisation sessions, to promote skills of compassion, collaboration, and openness that she believes can help us build a better future.

Her principal flute teachers have been Marianne Gedigian and Amy Porter. When she is not musically engaged, Kenzie can be found hiking in the Barton Creek Greenbelt, road tripping on the west coast of the US, or taking some kind of online class.

Conduction (conducted ensemble improv)

Conduction challenges performers to open their ears and activate their imaginations, contributing their unique voice built of experiences and musical traditions while stepping outside of their comfort zones. It’s collaborative problem-solving across experiential boundaries, in the form of music.

Conduction is a vocabulary of conducted gestures for improvising ensembles developed by Butch Morris. It can be used as an ensemble exercise, workshop, masterclass, or public performance.

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Music Video from Hold It Up To The Sun

“For Harriet” is one of the tracks in Kenzie’s 2015 EP set of original songs for flute and electronics. The full EPs can be purchased on itunes, apple music, or bandcamp. They’re also streaming on Spotify.

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Music for Dance

Original score for dance film by Marika Wynne. Florine’s Flight follows the psychological journey and self-actualization of a princess trapped in a tower (from The Bluebird, a fairy tale written by Madame d’Aulnoy in 1697).

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