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kerry hallett

philadelphia, PA         

Kerry Hallett is a writer, performer, musician, and life enthusiast who currently calls Philadelphia home.  She has been writing, recording, and performing her own music since 2006.  Oddly enough, it was her deciding to quit music in 2013 after a trip to India that served as the catalyst for an unexpected creative eruption.  The realization that there is nothing else in this world in which she can totally lose herself hit her like a ton of bricks in the middle of a silent meditation retreat.  It was as if some internal dam had been suddenly and irrevocably overcome by a euphonious pandemonium of sound.  She rushed to write down the swirling rhythms, melodies, and words that spilled effortlessly onto pages and pages of a small notebook in her bunk that night.  When creating gets difficult, as it always does, she strives to remember this moment. 

Heart Harbor

Heart Harbor is the one-woman project band of Kerry Hallett.

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