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Kestrel Leah

Los Angeles, CA      

KESTREL LEAH is a British actor and director working internationally across stage and screen. She often collaborates across music, film, dance and visual art, and is co-founder of PHYSICAL PLASTIC theater project with Cypriot composer and sound artist Yiannis Christofides. She earned a Masters in Acting at California Institute of the Arts, has trained at Suzuki Company of Toga, Japan, and currently studies the method of Theodoros Terzopoulos (Attis Theatre) in Athens, Greece. Notable roles include Venable in Suddenly Last Summer, directed by Kameron Steele of Suzuki Company, a cross-gender Jean Genet in Maureen Huskey’s A Splendid Death and Jo in A Taste of Honey directed by Steppenwolf’s Kim Rubenstein. As a director, Leah has shown work at venues such as Human Resources, LA and The Vail International Film Festival, and has been a resident artist at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center. Dance/choreography includes collaborations with Parisian artists Julie Bena and Duchamp-prize-winner Julien Previeux. She is published in The Theatre Times and writes for the performance publication Riting.

Kingdoms (work-in-progress)

Kingdoms is Christoffer Schunk’s meditation on T.S. Eliot’s poem “The Hollow Men” translated into a five-part extended vocal score. It was presented in the 2013 CalArts New Works Festival as a concert for dancers, directed by Kestrel Leah and choreographed by Lauren Frias, for the development of a film, to be produced in 2018.

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Breaking and Entering

Breaking and Entering is a devised theatrical work conceived by Kestrel Leah that connects war and sexuality, media and pornography (and that way we play out conflict in our minds like Sunday’s cartoon strips). At Human Resources in downtown Los Angeles, an ensemble of performers transformed visual artist Arjuna Neuman’s installation from a purgatorial space with the threat of action, into a theatrical space—a place of action—to a musical score by Christoffer Schunk.

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The Three Penny Opera

The Three Penny Opera was directed by Kameron Steele at the Walt Disney Modular Theater, CalArts, in 2013, with choreography by Kestrel Leah.

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