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Nashville, TN      

Indie Pop, KadyRoxz, brings a sultry taste of soul to the Indie Rock/Pop genre with emotive
intonations and inviting performances. Originally from the Southern United States and studying at Berklee Valencia, where she is gaining momentum in the local musical scene as she has been invited to work with local Valencia acts like Beauty Brain (Vicious Music Award Nominees) and received nods from others like Meridian Response.

Growing up in the southern urban city center of Memphis, TN, Keturah was exposed to the sounds of the blues, gospel, and rock music at an early age. The child of two ministers she grew up singing in gospel choir and had a strong affinity for gritty authoritative vocalization similar to that of an urban preacher. Influenced by artists such as Otis Redding, Tina Turner, and the Jackson 5, Brown, developed a deep understanding of stage presence and melodic contouring. In middle school after a family move, Brown discovered old singer songwriter and soft rock records belonging to her father that consisted of artists such as the Eagles, Elton John, and Billy Joel that ignited a musical curiosity for an older era of music that lead to her discovering bands that truly went on to help her define herself as an artist, The Runaways, The Beatles, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and Jefferson Airplane. Fascinated by the sounds of early rock n rollers from the 50’s up to the contemporary rock of the 70’s she picked up a guitar. Merging southern soul with rock melodics and storytelling, Brown began to develop her now signature sound.

She graduated from Memphis’ high school of performing arts, Overton, and moved to Nashville at age 17 to attend Middle Tennessee State University where she studied Music Performance and Recording Industry, while writing and being mentored under #1 Hit Songwriter, Rick Carnes. After playing the local music scene of Nashville and the surrounding cities she eventually moved home to Memphis, TN where she studied songwriting under Songwriting Hall of Famer and Stax Music Legend, David Porter. A year later she was accepted into Berklee College of Music’s Graduate program in Valencia, Spain.

During her year in Memphis, alongside studying under David Porter, she also became involved in local activism groups where she participated in and promoted protests and community meetings; the most notable of these being the Memphis Bridge Protest that shut down the Arkansas/Memphis bridge the summer of 2016 in protest of Police Brutality and social climate of America.

KadyRoxz anticipates the release of her first commercial release “The Heart in Hand EP” for the summer of 2017.

BerryPick Lane Snippet

Sample of the intended first single of the “Heart in Hand” EP

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