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Keyed Kontraptions

Los Gatos, CA            

Keyed Kontraptions is a collaborative project between Meerenai Shim (Contrabass Flute) and Kris King (Contraforte).

Flutist  Meerenai Shim is one-half of the innovative flute and percussion duo, A/B Duo, and the a member of the award-winning contemporary flute ensemble, Areon Flutes. Her third solo album, the all-electroacoustic Pheromone, is available on the Aerocade Music label.

Kris King is a bassoonist active throughout California. He holds degrees from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where he studied with with Steve Paulson and Steve Braunstein. Kris is the owner and operator of King Bassoon Reeds.

Keyed Kontraptions: Strawocktopuss by Joseph Colombo

World premiere performance of Strawocktopuss for contrabass flute and contraforte by Joseph M. Colombo.

Meerenai Shim, contrabass flute
Kristopher King, contraforte

April 30, 2016
Seventh Avenue Performances
San Francisco, CA

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