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Kevin Keller

New York, NY         

Kevin Keller has received commissions from some of the brightest stars in contemporary ballet, including Dwight Rhoden, Elisa Monte, Ray Sullivan, and Amy Marshall. His works have been recorded by cellists David Darling, Jeff Ziegler (Kronos Quartet), and Meena Cho, as well as the JACK Quartet. At CSU Sacramento, Keller was a student of Ben Glovinsky, and also studied with Pulitzer Prize-winning composer George Perle. Moving to New York City in 2003 brought to reality Keller’s long held desire to compose for dance.  His work with dance truly blossomed with “Unharvested” (2006), for choreographer Amy Marshall, which brought Keller back to strictly acoustic instruments. This exploration led him to compose “The Arrow’s Path”, a cello octet choreographed by Elisa Monte in 2009. Recent highlights include "Riding the Purple Twilight", a high-speed string quartet commissioned by Amy Marshall, and "Shadow Light", a work for chamber ensemble with choreography by Ray Sullivan.  The music of "Shadow Light" was also the debut recording by Keller’s own chamber ensemble, on a CD titled "In Absentia". In 2011, Keller teamed up again with Amy Marshall for the creation of "Dvija", a musical odyssey based on traditional Indian rhythms, and he also completed a new commission for Ray Sullivan titled "Not In My Name", which premiered in Miami in 2011, and received a Creative Connections grant from Meet the Composer.

Precious Blood

A mother and son, separated by war, united in loss.

Original music by Kevin Keller, commissioned by choreographer Dwight Rhoden for Complexions.

Performed by Desmond Richardson and Carmen Delavallade at the Joyce Theater.

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The movement style of this piece is derived from the musical term “marcato”: sound characterized by a rhythmic thrust followed by a decay of the sound.

Original music by Kevin Keller, performed by JACK Quartet.
Choreography by Joshua Beamish.
Performed by Benjamin Landsberg, David Long, Michael Tomlinson, Cai Glover, and Joshua Beamish at Joyce SoHo, New York, NY

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The Arrow’s Path

An intimate duet that intertwines and juxtaposes emotional and physical relationships.

Original music by Kevin Keller, performed by Meena Cho (cello)
Choreography by Elisa Monte
Performed by Rachel Holmes and Werner Figar at the Joyce Theater, New York, NY

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