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Brooklyn, NY      

Under the name of LEIMAY, for the past fifteen years our artistic duo (Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya) develops, creates and tours collaborative works ranging from sculptural, video, and light installations to photography, training projects, publications, and contemporary performances.

Based in Brooklyn, New York we develop and share our work and the work of other artists at our home, CAVE. We also have shown our work at larger theaters, visual art galleries, museums and public places in New York and across the United States in venues such as BAM Fisher, HERE Arts Center, Joyce SoHo, Japan Society, The New Museum, The Brooklyn Museum, The Watermill Center, The Asian Museum of San Francisco, The Carnegie Mellon University, and The New Hazlett Theater, as well as in international locations.

We create work that confronts the veils that society has taken as facts, we dig into humanity’s ambivalence through the creation of contemporary ceremonies and artifacts that uncover the sources of life within us.

Together we have created multiple performances: “Becoming Series” (2009 –     ),  “Thresholds” (2014), “The Trace of Purple Sadness” (2008), Furnance (2009), “A Timeless Kaidan” (2007); installation-performances: “Qualia-Holometaboly” (2012 & 2014), “Qualia-Gardens” (2014), “Uncovering” (2011); series of mix-media work “Becoming-Corpus” (2013); among many others.

Becoming -Corpus (BECOMING SERIES-Part 1)

The stage production of Becoming -Corpus was the first part of the BECOMING SERIES.
The piece premiered in September 2013 at BAM Fisherman Theater to four sold out houses. “Becoming -Corpus” conjured a kinetic experience of altered time and space, tracing the transformations among beings, the individual, and society. LEIMAY along with a group of 8 dancers and 2 composers created a communion between audience and performers offering a space to question what it means to become someone.

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borders (Becoming Series-Part 2)

After the critically-acclaimed BECOMING-corpus (2013) at BAM, LEIMAY returns with the sequel, borders. Sound, light, voice, and movement orbit, collide, fuse, and repel to create a hauntingly evocative landscape of bodies turned inside out. Shige Moriya and Ximena Garnica envelop audiences in a universe at the thresholds of itself, setting stillness against high physicality, visceral vocalizations against sonic harmonies, and dissolving forms through walls of light and mutable axes of space.

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Floating Point Waves

is an environment of strings, water, a solo performance, real-time video, and live electronic music that unveils the relationship between the human body and natural elements. Movement, water, and light respond to one another as an organic causal chain unfolds, echoing that of our own natural world. Startling performance and exquisite design reverberate through the space, framing a landscape where beauty coexists with darkness.

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