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Mexico City, MX      

Liminar is an ensemble of 12+ soloists from Mexico. Each member is internationally reputed as a performer of contemporary music. Liminar’s main interests in repertoire range from concert music of variable instrumentation to works that find themselves at the limits of “music”, “experimental music” or “sound art”. The ensemble is focused on working with living composers and the performance of music repertoire from the past century that has never been played in Mexico, or is rarely performed in the country. The programs presented have attracted the attention of an ever-growing audience.

As part of the ensemble’s engagement with the realization of new music, Liminar has worked with relevant and recognized living composers, presenting programmatic concerts of their music in direct collaboration with them. These collaborations have been with composers such as Ignacio Baca Lobera, Hilda Paredes, Martijn Tellinga, Roberto Morales, Juan Sebastian Lach, Carlos Sandoval, Manfred Werder, Michael Pisaro, Carola Bauckholt and, most recently, experimental composer Christian Wolff, for whom Liminar organized a series of concerts and premieres to celebrate the composer’s 80th Birthday at the Jumex Foundation, the Goethe Institute and the Contemporary Art Museum of the National University (UNAM).

Besides promoting and conducting concerts, Liminar is interested in the development of young composers and instrumentalists within the new music realm. The ensemble has made call for new works as the Convocatoria Liminar 2013 to premiere works of young composers and has worked collaboratively with the Escuela Superior de Música of INBA to perform student compositions from its electro-acoustic studio. Liminar has offered “UMBRALES” for two consecutive years while in residency at Center for New Arts and Technologies of the Arts Center of San Luis Potosí. These workshops are focused on the techniques, aesthetics and practice of new works and contemporary music repertoire. Artistic Direction and Coordination: Alexander Bruck, Carmina Escobar, Carlos Iturralde

Disborder Control by Felipe Waller

Excerpt of piece for solo piano (Carlos Gomez Matus) with ensemble. Recorded live at MUAC in Mexico City in 2013.

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Music for 9 by John Cage

Exerpt of recorded made live at MUAC in 2012 as part of Liminar’s Cage100 celebration.

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